Transaction “Motor Sich”-China: Ukraine should not repeat the Bushehr error — expert

Сделка «Мотор Сич»-Китай: Украина не должна повторить Бушерскую ошибку, — эксперт

The repetition of the sad history of breach of contract for the construction of the Bushehr nuclear power plant with no real expansion from the United States can not be perceived as an alternative in the deal between Ukraine and China, says expert Borys Kushniruk in Facebook

This publication reports the Commander in chief.

Further management of the company “Motor Sich” in which the state of Ukraine became the owner of a 25% stake, opens up new possibilities for the development of predpriatia and control by the state, directly participating in organs of the controls and control their representatives. No one in the world interested in the preservation of Ukrainian high-tech industries, except for the Ukraine. They need to preserve, develop and protect.

“Independent TSE challenge vysokotehnologichnye compan versity not mozhut. TSE vzhe riven derzhavno policy that strategichnogo bacana. Obviously, scho at a time cervetto ukraïnskoï powers opinios in front of duzhe a daunting dilemma: the Yakima chin sberegli TSI virobnictva, and thus not rosswriting z Eyad nipotine powers of the world”, he said.

The intention to block the deal with China could lead to complete halt of production as their own, in isolation from global production chains, Ukraine is unable to provide funding, “vzhe not Cauchi about the portfolio zamovlen for Yogo functionevent. For example, for zabezpechennya development of one s golovnih swova grantv ntakarutimana — Airbus — Sadan finansov technologic features chotiroh powers ºC (Franz, Low, Great Britan, Spain), says Kushniruk.

“Ale declarati rsena Dalny shuhlyada nemozhlyvo. President Selenskogo the Yogo COMAND dovedetsja in still line whuuuut rsena, Yak got Vdovin dolgostroev teresam powers, and scho nevertheless it’s important, teresam prank motorolade pdprimstvo, Zaporizhzhya, and perelachaise zrozum Zobov’yazannya that Garant investor” in conclusion, the expert adds.

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