TRANS fats: we learned why it’s not there

Трансжиры: стало известно, почему это нельзя есть

Many people still do not understand what is TRANS fats and why are they so dangerous to health

The late 1990s and early 2000-ies was marked by a mass ban of margarine in many countries of Europe and in the United States. Why margarine fell from grace? Primarily because of TRANS fats. Talk about what it is and how dangerous they.

A little bit of chemistry

Solid animal fats, and vegetable, as a rule, rare. And those and others are composed of so-called fatty acids. Their molecules have a complex structure, but the main difference between molecules of solid fats from liquid molecules — the presence of hydrogen atoms. Solid fats contain them are called “saturated”, and the liquid — no, and so they are called “unsaturated”.

Трансжиры: стало известно, почему это нельзя есть

Chemists learned to convert liquid fats into solid, artificially saturating the molecules of fatty acids with hydrogen. This reaction is called “hydrogenation”. This transformation was important for the food industry, as, for example, allowed to increase the shelf life of liquid fat to solid vegetable fat — the same margarine. But at the same time was fraught with danger.

Threat transformation

Ideal margarine, which is all the “liquid” molecules are saturated with hydrogen and become “solid”, harmless. But in the process of transfer of liquid fat to solid not all molecules are saturated with hydrogen. Some of them are changing their configuration and thus acquire a completely different properties. These fats and was called TRANS fat, that is transformed compared to the original form.

What is the danger?

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The main danger of TRANS fats is that they can integrate into the membrane (sheath) cells, disrupting their normal metabolism and vital activity. And thus affect many processes in the body.

Scientists from Yale University have shown that the rejection of the use of products with TRANS fats helps to reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes. These findings confirmed the doctors of the state of new York, who conducted surveillance from 2002 to 2013. In those districts of the state, where people significantly reduced the consumption of TRANS fats, the number of references behind medical aid from-for heart attacks and strokes decreased on average by 6.2 per cent.

Трансжиры: стало известно, почему это нельзя есть

Scientists from the U.S. found that people who eat TRANS fats, complain of worsening memory and cognitive abilities. Also, studies have shown that TRANS fats adversely affect male reproductive system, and this product makes people aggressive.

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