Train rammed a passenger bus, a lot of victims of the accident

Поезд протаранил пассажирский автобус, много жертв: подробности аварии

Nine people were killed in an accident — when the bus collision with train

The bus driver drove onto the level crossing before an approaching train.

The accident occurred on Friday, October 11, in the municipality of San Juan del Rio, in southern Mexico. There is a train at high speed on a railway crossing crashed into a bus with people, writes the newspaper El Universal.

Поезд протаранил пассажирский автобус, много жертв: подробности аварии

The bus driver wanted to get moving before the train will pass.

The bus left before a train which was approaching with great speed. Attempt of the driver to cross the crossing ended with a fatal tragedy.

The locomotive was hit by a bus carrying passengers, nine people died, eight were injured. The condition of six of the victims doctors assessed as critical. All the people who were injured in the accident, were hospitalized.

Among the injured, and the driver of the bus. His condition is serious. Him in the hospital put a guard. The circumstances of the accident are being investigated.

Earlier we wrote that in a network there was video of a terrible accident involving world champion in the Welterweight division by the WBC and IBF Errol Spence. On the eve of the famous boxer got into a serious traffic accident, unable to cope at speed with control of his vehicle Ferrari.

The incident occurred in Dallas on Thursday, October 10, at about 3 o’clock in the morning.

As reported in police, the accident Errol Spence was thrown from the car because he was not wearing a seat belt. Athlete in serious condition was rushed to the hospital from the scene.

Later in a network there was video surveillance footage, which depicted the terrible time of the accident with the participation of a famous boxer. The footage shows that the sportsman car at high speed off the road and rolled over several times (to see the video, dockrillia the page to the end).

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Now Errol Spence is in the hospital of Dallas, Department of intensive therapy. According to the latest information, the athlete remains conscious and his condition is stable. In the accident he received facial lacerations, but has avoided fractures.

Поезд протаранил пассажирский автобус, много жертв: подробности аварии

According to the doctors, the famous fighter, one of the ten best boxers in the world regardless of weight category, will be able to fully recover.

“Spence is in the mind and with it, his condition is stable. He has no bone fractures and breaks, but there are lacerations to the face. According to the doctors, he will be able to fully recover.

Now his family is with him. Family Spence thank you all for the prayers and good wishes. They are incredibly grateful to the rescuers from Dallas, who quickly arrived on the scene, as well as the doctors.

Recall that the van was in a terrible accident in the Kharkiv region

And Politeka wrote that the bus caught fire while driving near Kharkov

Politeka also reported that the fines fell on minibuses in Lviv