Tragically killed the little brother of the famous leading: “I am the last who remained with him”

Трагически погиб маленький брат известной ведущей: «Я последняя, кто оставалась с ним»

Ex-participant of the program “Dom-2” Victoria bona recently talked about the old tragedy of her family

Famous model and socialite Victoria Bonya attended the show “Live healthy”, the series which was dedicated to close the topic model.

“Why do children fall out of the balcony?”: This topic was discussed in the Studio.

So Boni was invited to the show as the person this topic is very close. The model told that story that happened to her at the age of 13 years left a mark in her life, she feels her own daughter Angelina.

Трагически погиб маленький брат известной ведущей: «Я последняя, кто оставалась с ним»

“My brother was only 1.3 months, when he fell from the balcony of the sixth floor.” The details of that evening are forever entrenched in my head of Victoria. She says she gave the child to his mother in hand when she tired lay down on the bed and was soon asleep. Meanwhile the boy alone came to the balcony on the sixth floor, got out on a small table that was near an open window.

“I am the last who remained with him. It was seven in the evening. I wanted to relax and gave the brother my mom. She was half asleep. Put him to her breast and fell asleep again. He woke up, went to the balcony, climbed onto a rolled up carpet, then at the table… I survived,” — said the ex-participant of “House-2”.

Despite the fact that it’s been many years, Victoria still believes that his brother could have been saved if not for the indifference of the people who passed by and just stared at the baby, who stands on the balcony of the sixth floor.

The socialite says that the neighbor knocked later at the door of their apartment. When mom opened it and heard the cries of “Your child stands on the balcony!”, first I do not understand, because just woke up and thought that the son slept with her. However, it was too late and a few seconds they heard the sound of the child falling from the balcony.

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Victoria Bonia in early childhood forbids his daughter to come close to the balcony knows where it may lead.

Трагически погиб маленький брат известной ведущей: «Я последняя, кто оставалась с ним»

In the end, Victoria asked all parents to those with childhood communicating to their children about the deadly danger can happen to them.

Recall, Victoria Bonya posted a very hot picture: naked and wet.

As reported Politeka, Victoria Bonia moved to the United States to boyfriend gay How much he was paid.

Also Politeka wrote about how Victoria Bonia boasted a gift from a new lover-millionaire.