“Traded to…”: Vincent Cassel appeared on the red carpet of the Cannes film festival

«Променял на…»: Венсан Кассель не появился на красной дорожке Каннского фестиваля

Vincent Cassel, despite the fact that the movie presented at the famous film festival, and appeared at the opening ceremony

The French actor has swapped the red carpet in Cannes for a walk with his little daughter in the stroller.

51-year-old Cassel was unable to visit at the premiere of “Les Miserables”, where he plays a major role. In Cannes he arrived late and the first thing I did was walking his young wife and daughter.

«Променял на…»: Венсан Кассель не появился на красной дорожке Каннского фестиваля

The actor went with his family in a cafe.

The paparazzi caught the celebrity and his 22-year-old wife Tina Kuniaki walking down the street. The couple happily walked, while Kassel was transported in a wheelchair tiny daughter Amazon.

Note that the girl was born April 19. For Kuniaki’s first child. From Kassel already has two daughters from the Italian actress model Monica Bellucci. Now the girls are 15 and 9 years old.

With a new wife Kassel formalized the relationship in late summer 2018. Before that, the couple dated for two years.

As previously reported, the actor, despite the fact that his wife gave him a daughter, continues to spread a video where Tina Kuniaki stomach.

So, on his page on the social network Instagram, he posted a pretty shocking video. In the video at the party present his half-naked wife, live frogs on trays and in aquariums, models in expensive limousines.

Kassel put hashtags, hinting at the famous Cannes film festival and new film with his participation “Les Miserables.” However, there is discrepancy as Tina gave birth a month ago the girl.

«Променял на…»: Венсан Кассель не появился на красной дорожке Каннского фестиваля

We also wrote that Monica Bellucci recently for the first time were published together with his young boyfriend, and now the couple continues to attend events together.

54-year-old Bellucci and 36-year-old artist Nicolas Lefebvre visited gala-concert of the brand, Cartier, held in the castle Conergy in Paris.

The lovers appeared on the red carpet together, hand in hand, and not hiding their relationship, posed for photographers.

Nicolas Lefebvre was probably somewhat confused so many attention from the press. For Bellucci is the usual case, the star is used to being at social events and be the center of attention.

With the French artist, set-designer and owner of an art gallery, Bellucci met in 2017.

Recall that young wife of Vincent Cassel held a photo shoot in different bikinis: “happy pregnancy”.

As reported Politeka, Monica Bellucci appeared at the ball in a luxurious dress: “the corset emphasized everything.”

Also Politeka wrote that the eldest daughter of Bellucci and Cassel was struck by the beauty: the “Real model”.