Trade bitcoin at risk: the urgent decision taken

Торговля биткоинами под угрозой: принято срочное решение

Companies engaged in the production of and trafficking in bitcoins, has imposed a strict ban

Commission securities and exchange US (SEC) announced the temporary suspension of trading in securities carried out by the company Bitcoin Generation, Inc. (BTGN), Bartlesville, Oklahoma, writes Mycrypter. The suspension begins at 9: 30 Eastern daylight time EDT on April 29 and ends at 23:59 EDT on may 10, 2019.

Торговля биткоинами под угрозой: принято срочное решение

The decision of the regulator due to doubts regarding the accuracy and adequacy of information on, among other things:

– BTGN public statements about the viability and value of the bonds, which BTGN supposedly bought from a certain British company;

– the size of the balance of ordinary shares BTGN;

– activities to promote the stock BTGN;

– accuracy and adequacy of current public information about the financial conditions of BTGN.

The regulator recommends to verify the information

Торговля биткоинами под угрозой: принято срочное решение

The regulator has warned broker-dealers, shareholders and prospective purchasers that they should carefully consider the foregoing information as well as other available information and any information published by the company.

Note that this is another case where the SEC takes action against cryptocurrency companies. In October last year, the regulator suspended trading in the securities of American Retail Group, Inc. (ARGB), also known as Simex Inc., for false statements relating to cryptocurrency.

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