Trade agreement between the U.S. and China: what will change in may

Торговый договор между США и Китаем: что изменится уже в мае

Official delegations of the USA and China planned in the coming weeks of meetings in Beijing and Washington, to achieve rapid progress in business negotiations and to conclude an agreement in may

This publication reports “Hvil”.

“Senior officials in the US and China have planned more meetings for negotiations on trade aimed at achieving agreement at the beginning of may,” the report says.

It clarifies the Agency, Donald trump and XI Jinping agreed to sign the document later, but also in may.

Торговый договор между США и Китаем: что изменится уже в мае

In particular, as it became known from the American side, U.S. trade representative Robert Lighthizer and Minister of Finance Steven Mnuchin plan to go to Beijing on April 29. And next week, Vice-Premier of China Liu he will arrive in Washington. According to Bloomberg, us officials during a visit to China, want to announce that the parties have reached agreements and discussed the details of the summit, where the leaders of the two countries will sign the final documents. At the same time as the option is considered the possibility of holding high-level meetings in Japan, where Donald trump is planning to go in may.

Торговый договор между США и Китаем: что изменится уже в мае

Earlier it was reported that the Russian media have accused China of stealing the Siberian forest.

Every year on the Chinese parquet and furniture factory comes to 700 thousand cars of the Russian forests. This was stated by Russian media. Journalists “Russia 1” accused the Chinese of stealing raw materials, if half of the 700 thousand cars simply being stolen.

Network news responded with sarcasm. “Siberia still “your”, or Chinese?”, — ask on Twitter Vitauskas.

“Siberia is Chinese… Soon as Kosovo from Yugoslavia to secede… And will blame Washington”, “Chinese tops , the Oligarchs roots of the Siberian land”, “the Train of friendship from Vova to Pin”, “Soon sinasabi will shout that they have raised the economy of China as a resource,” write the users.

Recall that in China called “loss of reason” the U.S. effort to prepare a list of goods and services for the imposition of duties on $200 billion.

As reported Politeka, fraud, and financial fraud the incumbent President has “helped” the journalists to receive the award.

Also Politeka wrote that the representatives of Turkey and the United States were unable to agree because of the systems s-400.