Tower of Silence: in urban circuit

conseillere-municipale-josee-neron-2eCouncillor Saguenay, Josee Nero, will act as spokesman for the Saguenay edition of the Tour of silence will be held on Wednesday 18 May at 18.30 from Home Park Pavilion of Rivière-du-Moulin . The event is free.

Cycling Club utility Saguenay (CVUS) organizes for the first time this event taking place simultaneously across Quebec

The Ride of Silence is indeed to commemorate, worldwide, deaths of cyclists and to remember the importance of sharing the road with motorists.

This year, the Saguenay 13 km trail will be rolled in an urban center of Chicoutimi rather than the edge of the boulevard Talbot, from Costco, as was the case in previous years.

“For us it is a sign that the cycling community wants to assert his rights. Indeed, the population, we believe, the right to a safer road network and better equipped for the practice of utilitarian bicycle trips. This is an essential condition for the whole family may one day adopt healthy lifestyles “, said Marc Bouchard, vice president of the press conference CVUS.

For its part, Josée Nero believes that it takes more than ever recall mutual respect that should prevail between motorists and cyclists.

“Cycling as a trend, whether utility for bike tourism or sport, is gaining ground in Quebec and in the world. The bikes continue to be increasingly numerous on the roads. We must be tolerant when we drive and cyclists must strictly adhere to the Code road safety, “she explains.

In Quebec

For the 2016 edition overseen by the Quebec Cycling Federation (FQSC), 24 regional initiatives will be held simultaneously on the Quebec territory on Wednesday. Added to this is a school component, which will be presented for the third year and in different variations.

Thus, schools will hold a mini-tower and organize activities to educate young people to the issue of sharing the road (business policemen, skills games, educational workshop on bicycle handling and safety rules. ..)

The Saguenay edition of the Tour of silence will be held in collaboration with the following partners: VO2, Bike Club Synergy Sports Experts-Blackburn and Blackburn, City of Saguenay, Democratic Renewal Team, alternative urban transportation center of Saguenay (CADUS) and friendly bikes.

“The Silence of the Tour is a good time to remember that bicycle safety is a responsibility they share with the drivers. Everyone has to be considerate of others and to respect the rules so that Quebec roads are a safe place for all users, “recalled Julie Gagnon, Regional Councillor road safety Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean and Côte North SAAQ (event partner).

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