Tourists opened the way to space: how much it costs to go to the ISS

Туристам открыли дорогу в космос: сколько стоит отправиться на МКС

Space tourists will now be able to go to the International space station

The Americans open part of the orbiting space lab. Now absolutely anyone will be able to visit space if, of course, a considerable amount in your Bank account.

NASA announced that the project “space tourism” launched in the next year. To stay on the ISS can be up to 30 days. Tourists to the space station will deliver a special capsule. Developed by Boeing and SpaceX.

Туристам открыли дорогу в космос: сколько стоит отправиться на МКС

To be in weightlessness and view the Earth from space will cost $ 50 million.

It is reported that $ 35,000 for the payment of each day in orbit will be in the budget of NASA. National Aeronautics and space administration intends to spend the money on a new space program. For example, in flight and landing on the moon women astronauts.

As for space tourists, they, in addition to money, will have to present a special medical certificate.

Before the flight to the ISS tourists will undergo special training, after which they will be awarded certificates of the members of the crew of the International space station.

As previously reported, NASA, together with the company for the ngis has conducted a number of tests of a prototype of a future lunar orbital base. The results of the scientists were satisfied.

Orbital design will be called Gateway (“Gate”). With her help, within five years, American astronauts will travel to the satellite and will be able to settle there. Also on the Gateway plan to conquer and other space objects.

Orbital moon base is very comfortable. In Gateway has all the necessary life support systems and even have simulators for crew members.

We also wrote that NASA decided to accelerate the colonization of the natural satellite of the Earth.

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The U.S. space Agency has long been planning to send a man to the moon after project Apollo. Now the user quickly reduces the implementation time of the programs. The representatives of NASA told reporters.

Туристам открыли дорогу в космос: сколько стоит отправиться на МКС

Recently the head of NASA Jim Breidenstein said that NASA is going to not only send people to the moon, but to gain a foothold on the surface in the form of some bases.

Astronauts sent on the first flight within five years. In addition, NASA seeks to accelerate programs for sending to the moon a small robotic vehicles with the devices on Board. These ships can send by the end of 2019 to prepare the platform for the future of the colony.

Recall that the ancient prophecy is coming true: “on the moon noticed the mysterious shadow”.

As reported Politeka, NASA lost the Mars Rover on Mars.

Politeka also wrote that the Moon is threatening life on Earth: a sensational study published.