Tourists in Chernobyl got into a scandal: “have respect”

Туристы в Чернобыле попали в громкий скандал: «имейте уважение»

Pouring into the Pripyat foreign tourists angered Ukrainians

After leaving the series “Chernobyl” exclusion zone began a real pilgrimage of tourists from abroad.

However, these trips immediately led to high-profile scandals. Tourists who visited Chernobyl, has begun to share photos on social networks. These pictures shocked and angered not only Ukrainians, but also citizens of other countries, notes The Sun.

Туристы в Чернобыле попали в громкий скандал: «имейте уважение»

The fact that many bloggers have posted or racy photos or images they are just fooling around.

In the social network Instagram you can find pictures of half-naked girls or men in APE masks.

This attitude aroused the wrath of the Internet users. “People died there in a horrible way – have some respect”, “This photo is disrespectful to the people who died. How callous can you be, When you have no brain and respect” – was indignant commentators.

Not left behind and writer of the series Craig Mazin. In his microblog on Twitter he wrote that he is happy with the excitement of tourists and asked everyone not to lose face and behave properly.

“It is wonderful that “Chernobyl” has inspired tourists to travel to the exclusion zone, but Yes, I’ve seen pictures of. If you are planning to go there, please remember that there was a terrible tragedy. Be respectful to the victims of the disaster,” wrote Craig Mazin.

Туристы в Чернобыле попали в громкий скандал: «имейте уважение»

As previously reported, the film “Chernobyl”, which recently appeared in the box office, has become one of the highest grossing. Experts and spectators are actively looking for bloopers of the picture, but the biologist Sergei Gusak of the Chornobyl center for nuclear safety, radioactive waste and radioecology for several years takes real nature near the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

Туристы в Чернобыле попали в громкий скандал: «имейте уважение»

The last few years, scientists have reported return of wild animals in the exclusion zone, including unique for Ukraine species.

According to him, despite the radiation, the lack of people in the zone doing its job: there are unique kinds of animals and birds.

A growing number of moose, deer, wolves, foxes. In the exclusion zone, scientists were able to record 185 species of birds. While gone, those species that have been associated with man — pigeons, house mice, rats, sparrows.

Туристы в Чернобыле попали в громкий скандал: «имейте уважение»

Set traps with video cameras and suggests that such rare species as the elusive Eurasian lynx. She was last seen in this place more than a century ago.

Studies have also shown that wolves in the Chernobyl zone seven times more than in the adjacent “clean” regions.

Recall, the price of lunch at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant was struck by Ukrainians: “this can not be.”

As reported Politeka, conversation managers in the terrible night of the explosion at Chernobyl released online.

Also Politeka wrote that scientists have discovered a new threat to mankind: “the second Chernobyl”.