Tour du Lac Brome: a 37th presence to 72 years

monique-st-cyr-parcouru-distance(Lac-Brome) Monique St-Cyr is called an example of determination. 72 years old, this Montreal, which runs for nearly 40 years, completed Sunday his 37th Tour du Lac Brome.

Ms. St-Cyr has once again attacked the course of 20 km, his favorite event since its first participation in the event in 1979. And it clearly has not lost her enthusiasm, she was runner fastest in his age category of 70-79 years.

“I just missed the first edition, launched Ms. St-Cyr smiling. This is the year I started running more often. My family came every summer at Blue Valley campsite and my mother had seen in the local paper the results of a race. She told me “I kept it to yourself.” I said, next year, I’ll try that next. Since that time, I come every year. ”

And what has changed since his first appearance? “There is a difference of 45 minutes, she said, laughing about his running time. My best time here was below an hour and 42 minutes. But now, if I manage to run under two hours and thirty, I’m happy. Today (Sunday), I 2: 29: 17. I am very proud! ”

At his age, the goal is not to increase the rate, but rather to maintain the pace. “My coach within the club the race winners, Jean-Yves Cloutier, said all the time,” after 40 years, if you keep your time, it’s because you performes “. I tell myself that if after 70 years, I stand by my time, it’s because I still performs very well. ”

Manage his race

This year, she even managed the feat of winning time in the second half of the course. This is usually the opposite occurs because fatigue that grips the body as the parade kilometers.

“When you run a 20 km and the kilometers arrive alone, it is because it runs well. The problem people have a hard time running they do not run their race. They go too fast and they have a hard time finishing. We must control it especially on a long distance, “advises the veteran running.

She called herself since surprise dream for five years to make the leap to 10 km in order to reduce some of its training time.

“When I thought about changing to 10 km, they modified the course to send him to half of 20 km. Me is the cursed side in the second half I did not want to do. As well as to make the 10 km, we will do it for 20 km. So I decided to continue … “, she drops a sneer.

Ms. St-Cyr, with 29 marathons under his belt, chose instead to reduce the number of races she entered. “Now it is quieter. I make four by summer. But in my good years, I could make 12 to 15 trips a year. ”

But out of the question to make a cross on Lake Brome Tour as his body continues to work.

“It’s my hobby race! We always have a privileged race, one we like to do every year, and me is this. Every year I tell myself, do I redo next year? It me you still trying to make the two-hour drive? It has as well this year, I plan to be back next year if health is! ”

“Our best edition,” said Jean Joly
Like last year, nearly 3,700 runners of all ages took part Sunday in the 38th Tour du Lac Brome. The event has long been one of the finest traditions in Québec running. And the popularity of the event does not seem to falter.

“Technically, this is our best edition since each year we take more experience. The temperature was also on our side. We even fear that it gets too hot. Finally, it went very well even though it was very hot for this time of year, “notes Jean Joly, who is the head of the organizing committee.

The event runs the village of Knowlton Scent of a Woman for already 38 years. Insofar as the number of running events has exploded in recent years in Quebec, Mr. Joly said, is very satisfied with simply maintaining its gains.

“We are happy because we expected a decline in participation this year. Most races in Quebec experienced a decline of 10 to 25%. We no longer hope that following stage to have increases in participation, because there is too much competition around the province. especially working to maintain participation and so far, we have succeeded, “says Joly.

According to him, the natural charm of the place, the beauty of the lake and the quality of the organization why runners returning in large numbers every year.

“The world likes to come running near Lake Brome. It makes them a little out of the city or area where they live. The event is also highly rated in Quebec because of the quality of our volunteers and team leaders, “says Joly.

Whoever took over the organization a few years ago says that about 30% of riders are from Montreal, 30% of the Montérégie, Estrie 30% while the rest comes from across the province .

Test results

Montrealer Lamech Mokono this year won top honors at the 20 km that crossed in a little over an hour (1: 06: 59). Two Bromont, Alister Gardner and Mathieu Girard, have passed very near to climb on the podium, those who finished respectively 4th and 8th.

It’s a racer Chambly, Philip Reynolds, who won the Challenge Marathon, a 42.2 km test over two days. He crossed the finish line with an impressive time of 2: 42: 58.

He finished with more than 19 minutes ahead of his closest rival, former champion cyclist Lyne Bessette, who finished second. Two local riders also excelled either Jerome Turgeon Eastman and Jean-Luc Grignon of Granby, who took over the 9th and 13th ranks.

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