Topalov openly talked about their Todorenko problems: “God forbid to know the truth about us”

Топалов откровенно рассказал об их с Тодоренко проблемах: «Не дай Бог узнать о нас правду»

New husband of Regina Todorenko Vlad Topalov emotionally spoke about the problems faced by the couple

On his page in Instagram the popular Russian singer has shared a candid publication, addressed to his haters.

Topalov said that reading the comments to their post don’t understand how people can write such angry reviews.

“Yeah! Of course, I never cease to be amazed at the palette of characters among you reading and following me, stoooolko anger! At the same time, so much love! Both — generally not justified…. All I say to myself — do not read never comments, don’t look even. And still reading, I want to answer, I want to make it clear that I communicate with you is something I care about, and the result is exactly as in the saying — “do not trouble trouble until quiet.” Well, nothing new, on the other hand, move on!!! As the Chinese say — “the dog barks, but the caravan moves on”,” wrote Topalov.

Топалов откровенно рассказал об их с Тодоренко проблемах: «Не дай Бог узнать о нас правду»

We can assume that we are talking about comments to posts about him and his new wife, Regina Todorenko – because to accompany his post, the singer decided their wedding photography.

Under the post Vlad left a meaningful comment, and his sister Alina.

“I do not understand how people dare to write what is sometimes write you in the comments. This is soooo touching… each of us taaaaliiiiaaa skeletons in the closet that God forbid anyone know the truth about us — and somewhere have the guts even strangers to judge. Wildly cute. I still have time to grow, apparently, to the haters — I have so really cute in the comments, these people are pleasant to me signed. Lucky,” she said.

Топалов откровенно рассказал об их с Тодоренко проблемах: «Не дай Бог узнать о нас правду»

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Previously, we reported that Regina todorenko openly talked about the problems of motherhood. In the section of Stories in Instagram, the singer said that her weekdays are not as sweet as it seemed. The star is also emotionally said that we now understand those women who similarly confronted every day with a mountain of different duties.

We will remind, swollen Todorenko scared network a statement about the disease: “Brought yourself, fool”.

As reported Politeka, exhausted Todorenko left with a son without Topalov: “Everything dirty eats after a son.”

Also Politeka wrote that Todorenko ridiculed because of the failure of advertising of baby food.