Top tips on how not to get sick with the flu at work

Главные советы, как не заболеть гриппом на работе

The flu, more and more attacks of the Ukrainians, most often, the virus can be picked up in public places, work is one of them

How not to pick up the infection in places such as public transport and toilets, we already told, reports Clutch.

And what about at work? Unfortunately, few of my colleagues with a cold goes to the hospital.

Here are the basic rules:

  • Most importantly — beware of the places and things of common use. We are talking about everything not only affect you: door handles, taps, basins, lid and snap on toilet, microwave doors, refrigerator, etc. No, of course it does not mean that you are forbidden to visit the toilet and kitchen in the office. Just, possibly, less touch to these subjects, and if this happens, wash your hands thoroughly. By the way, it would be good to have a bottle of disinfectant that you would be able to handle hands each time after touching common objects.

Главные советы, как не заболеть гриппом на работе

Главные советы, как не заболеть гриппом на работе

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  • Raise the immune system: try to eat more foods with a high content of various vitamins, especially vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and zinc. Of course, they can and in a drugstore buy, but experts have proved that they are not as effective as natural sources.
  • Forget about your face: during the day try not to touch the hands to him. Touching the nose, eyes and lips, you are helping germs to spread much faster. Do not expose your immune system to such danger.
  • And the last: drink a lot of water. Because dehydration is very much suffers from the immune system, any viruses will cling more easily and more often. But be warned: we are talking about plain drinking water and not juices, soda, and tea with coffee.

Главные советы, как не заболеть гриппом на работе

Previously, we reported that very often the most serious diseases start with innocuous symptoms that we take for the common cold.

Sometimes the General symptoms are: a tingling sensation in the eyes, runny nose, or headache may occur not just have far more serious consequences than we originally thought.

We offer to understand in which cases you should pay attention to their malaise, to prevent serious consequences.

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We will remind, in the Ministry of health has purchased flu vaccine, not enough for everyone.

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