Top products of the fall, which should be in everybody’s diet

Топ продуктов осени, которые должны быть в рационе каждого

What products should be included in the diet in November, when the winter need to stock up forces

Olive oil

The special value of this product makes that there are a lot of unsaturated fatty omega-3 and omega-6 acids, which protect the body from aging, negative environmental influences. This product is an excellent preventative treatment for hypertension, and Oncology. It fits perfectly into the diet plan perfectly absorbed by the body. The product must be in the diet of people not only in November but all year round.

When buying oil, one should pay attention to producers. They can be only Italy, Greece and Spain. The rest — most of them fake. Best for diet suitable oil first cold pressed, labeled as Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This oil has a green tint, turbidity, taste with bitterness. It is very fragrant and incredibly useful.


Топ продуктов осени, которые должны быть в рационе каждого

The most valuable products for immunity, which should be consumed in November, before winter, the ginger. This root vegetable has different amazing qualities of essential oils. They attach to the product a strong distinctive flavor.

Ginger has therapeutic properties in viral diseases, mucosal lesions of the gastrointestinal tract, arthritis and arthritis, high blood pressure, as well as in the formation of sclerotic plaques.

Don’t forget that ginger is a very tasty product. It is possible to prepare soup, jam, salad, add to tea and cakes.

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This is one of the main vegetables of autumn. Beets have long been ripe, stored for a long time. It can perfectly nourish your body with fiber. Besides, it is low calorie, which will help again to lose weight. The product works perfectly on the walls of blood vessels potassium and folic acid, which is in its composition. The uniqueness of beets lies in the fact that he does not lose the benefit during heat treatment, does not lose nutrients. The main thing is to cook it in the skin.


Топ продуктов осени, которые должны быть в рационе каждого

Each person in the period of autumn depression needs magnesium. In this product it contains in large quantities. Besides, it has a lot of calcium is also incredibly important to health. Most important — it supports the bowels, great for diet and weight loss easy to digest. Especially useful it is, children, as growing organisms.

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