Top model of Ukrainian”: who left the seventh edition

The weak part of this week was Julia Dy and Sergey Gerdov.

Топ-модель по-українськи: хто покинув сьомий випуск

The seventh edition of “Top model in Ukrainian” season 2 was released on 12 October at 19:00 on the New channel. The new season is dedicated to finding and creating the modern model of the new generation, which in addition to model data, must be a person, an interesting conversationalist and blogger, daring, original, self-confident, able to take responsibility for their actions and words, that has a clear motivation. The model of the new generation should know what goal he wants to achieve. In the seventh edition of 11 participants Top model “in Ukrainian”took part in fashion shows and photo shoots, dedicated to protecting animal rights, environmental problems, problems related to threat of deadly self. Experts declared the seventh week – a week of social projects dedicated to social issues, the battle of the last chance also had a social orientation was devoted to the fight against waste. During the ceremony, the pasture in the nomination were two of the weakest participant of the week is one party after the fourth battle of season 2 of “Last chance” left the project, informs Rus.Media.

Making conclusions about the past week and the work of models, the experts determined that weaker worked and are unable to show their strengths beautiful odessitka Yulia Dy and coach of the football team from Tokmak Sergei Gerdov that are become weak by the participants of the seventh week.

The verdict in the room the sum of the first sent Yulia Dy that showed the cruel and unjust perfomens, which caused disgust, and the defile was not. According to experts, one of the most beautiful girls of the project always makes a lot of mistakes, not reagiruet to the comments and advice of experts, monotonous and not developing. Yulia Dy in the room the amount was joined by Sergei Gergov.

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The right to reside in the VIP room in the 7th edition has not received one, because the participants have not coped with the tasks and disappoint the experts.

Alla kostromicheva allow others to help Yulia and Sergey in “Last chance”, three have done so. Fight the battle for the “last chance” to remain in the project decided Dy Yulia Yana and Maxim. Dima helped Sukach Sergey Gerdov.

Photoshoot in the style of “American Beauty”. Yulia and Sergey had to play carefree. Though Alla Kostromicheva and pushed Julia to the successful results, but Julia managed to get a few successful shots.

Worse frames made Sergei Gergov and he had to leave the project.

Топ-модель по-українськи: хто покинув сьомий випуск

Sergei Gerdau

26 years old, Tokmak Zaporozhye region; growth: 188 cm

Coach children’s football team. Experience modeling, but really wants to get it. Draft for Sergei – the ability to radically change lives for the better and forever of leaving the small town.

In the seventh edition of the experts decided after johnny Ezeji Johnson Nnamdi, Ivan Kyyanytsya, Alice Golovneva and Denis Kovalev model reality “Top model in Ukrainian” left Sergei Gergov.

Immediately after Alla kostromicheva announced that it is withdrawing from the project Sergey Gerdov, the guy congratulated the girl with a victory, ran further victories and handed his opponent a huge bouquet of tulips 47.

“The idea of a bouquet came to me the night before last chance. I asked the writer Sasha Vasilyuk to help me. She bought flowers and brought to the shooting. At the time of the announcement of the verdict was more worried not about who will leave the project and managed Shura to bring flowers,” guy shared.

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Sergey publicly very touching Yulia admitted in his sympathy.

“We didn’t want to advertise it on the camera everything between us happened. She had a boyfriend. But our mutual sympathy exactly, I felt it. We kissed, she was flirting with me, allowed to take care of themselves,” admitted Sergei Gergov.

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