Top healthy foods that can be substituted for salt

Топ полезных продуктов, которыми можно заменить соль

Such a harmful product as a salt can be replaced with more useful ingredients

Ideally, food should be slightly insufficient salting, as a certain amount of the mineral is already contained in the products. But the unaccustomed food will seem bland and tasteless. There is a way to find salt useful alternative.

Soy sauce

This product reduces the risk of developing cancer, slows aging, improves blood circulation and prevents diseases of the heart and blood vessels. Its use allows to reduce the amount of salt several times. This happens because the sauce is rich in amino acids, which help stronger feeling salty taste.

Топ полезных продуктов, которыми можно заменить соль


Seaweed kelp, which by nature have a slightly salty flavor and minimal calories, are a perfect substitute of salt. In addition, seaweed is a true “super”: it contains almost the whole range of vitamins and many minerals, especially iodine. Potassium in the structure of the seaweed strengthens blood vessels and normalizes heart function, and fiber improves digestion and helps cleanse the intestines of toxins. In addition, kelp is rich in vitamin B12, is a real salvation for vegans, vegetarians and raw foodists who frequently experience its shortage.

Lemon juice and vinegar

One of the culinary secrets is that the lack of salt can compensate for acidity: it makes the dishes taste more pronounced and spicy. Add to a salad, fish, soup, lemon juice, and neocola no one will notice.

Replace salt with the help of vinegar. Suitable for table, cider, wine, rice, malt, balsamic.


Its stems and roots have a salty taste. An additional advantage is that celery is a source of vitamins A, C, E, b group, as well as potassium, boron, iron, magnesium, selenium, calcium, manganese, chlorine, sulfur, zinc and phosphorus.

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Celery added to foods both fresh and dried. And, you can cook celery salt. To do this, cut the peeled celery root into small pieces, dry in oven or dehydrator until crispy, and then put it in a blender and grind to a powder.

Топ полезных продуктов, которыми можно заменить соль

Dried vegetables

All vegetables contain sodium chloride, however, during drying the concentration in the pulp is increased by several times. Replace fresh vegetables — carrots, tomatoes, Bulgarian pepper — dried, and your soups and hot dishes will be much more useful. Drying preserves all the vitamins and minerals in fruits. In addition, dried vegetables stored longer and take much less space than fresh.

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