Top cases of corruption will be closed: government changed the criminal code

Топ-дела о коррупции закроют: Кабмин изменил Уголовный кодекс

Wednesday, 24 April, changes were made to the criminal code that can close several ongoing cases of corruption at the highest level

The corresponding decision was approved by the lower chamber of the Romanian Parliament, according to Reuters.

alterations are the latest in a series of legal and personnel steps taken by the ruling social Democrats since their coming to power in 2017, which are seen as threats to the independence of the judiciary and of concern to the EU, the US State Department and among the thousands of Romanian magistrates.

In particular, the amendments reduced the limitation period of certain offences. This automatically closes a series of issues.

Топ-дела о коррупции закроют: Кабмин изменил Уголовный кодекс

In addition, other amendments include weaker sentences for some offenses and avoid criminal liability for negligence in the workplace.

Earlier it was reported that the Prosecutor General’s office is trying to please Vladimir Zelensky. This was stated by the strategist, the candidate of philosophical Sciences Eduard Yurchenko.

According to him, due to the lack Zelensky full team, some employees of state institutions tend to rely on the potentially vacant posts in the newly elected President.

“They see a lot of niches which are not occupied in the near future in the absence of personnel in Zelensky. I think they hope that if they quickly Unscrew everything so that it was nice to the new President, that will contribute, so they stayed in their places”, — says Yurchenko.

The expert also believes that such cases of “changing shoes on the go” Ukrainians will see in the near future in large numbers. In addition, the analyst does not foresee any massive conclusions. As the President, at least, has no direct authority to throw people in jail.

Топ-дела о коррупции закроют: Кабмин изменил Уголовный кодекс

We will remind, the former intelligence officer said about the relationship with Russia Zelensky: “the first step done.”

As reported Politeka, main corrupt era Poroshenko: who first needs to go to jail in the survey.

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