Top biggest myths about childbirth: scary chamber, pain and male support

Топ главных мифов о родах: страшные палаты, болевые ощущения и мужская поддержка

Before the baby is born women are trying to study all the possible literature that could be useful

Very often ladies forget that not all content published online can be trusted. In addition, the Soviets supposedly knowledgeable girlfriends or work colleagues can disorient worse about articles says С

In particular, the history of the “already seasoned” women are often forced mothers to believe that is not reality. Here are the most common myths about childbirth:

Childbirth will be painful

Of course, pain will be present, and in the process of childbirth pleasant enough. However, as we know, in the prenatal period the pregnant woman is allocated a lot of different hormones that block stress and pain: oxytocin, which helps relax the body, endorphins, neutralizing pain and enkephalins – natural painkillers.

Besides, it is very important to just be prepared for childbirth, so that the adrenaline did not suppress the hormones that help facilitate the process.

Топ главных мифов о родах: страшные палаты, болевые ощущения и мужская поддержка

Before the birth must arrange wax

Do not have. After taking birth the doctor sees the same thing every day, besides during shaving one can injure the delicate skin and introduce infection. At the same time on the last months of pregnancy to take care of intimate places extremely problematic.

In hospitals it is very scary

Earlier in hospitals was really not comfortable in the house were several pregnant women, and children were allowed only at certain hours, and the relatives themselves were not allowed at all. But now everything is different. Now at birth can be attended by any relatives, there is no restricted access to the child.

You can only give birth lying on your back

Not true. Yes, the posture when a woman lies on the back is the most convenient for doctors and for midwives. However, for example, in some African tribes women today give birth squatting. In Russia, previously actually gave birth on my knees in a quiet and dark place. In the modern world of items a lot more, and in special ajalah usually created conditions for each of them. So just trust your body and professionals.

Childbirth can damage the eyesight

This can happen only if before pregnancy you had problems with vision. From the point of view of physiology, the main role of blood pressure, namely its differences. If the pressure fluctuates, there is a risk of retinal detachment. Because during attempts there is a strong intra-abdominal pressure, and it influences on the bloodstream, and this in turn can create pressure on the eyeballs.

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Топ главных мифов о родах: страшные палаты, болевые ощущения и мужская поддержка

A woman can have one at home

There are many examples of women giving birth at home, however, this level of extreme cases. In order not to hurt the baby and yourself need to do everything properly and in the presence of a specialist. The only way to have a healthy baby and not to injure him. Birth cannot be planned, and especially to predict how it will end. It is better to play it safe and trust the doctors.

Husband at birth may lose sexual interest

All the men individual behavior as the character. Reactions to childbirth can not be predicted. It is important that he wanted to attend the birth — the desire to be with his wife, help her in this difficult period usually helps “side effects”.

After birth, the genitals remain stretched

It’s true only half. For example, if the vaginal opening is very narrow, it is clear that after giving birth everything will change, and the woman after that will feel completely different. But within 5-7 weeks, the tone of the genital organs come to normal.

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