Top 8 budget for beautiful skin: you can buy Them even in the pharmacy

Топ-8 бюджетных средств для ухоженной кожи: Их можно купить даже в аптеке

Alas, the expensive cosmetics – pleasure is not for everyone

But experts advise not to worry: according to them, are sold in every pharmacy funds, which were not inferior to expensive cosmetics, says Сlutch.

Top 8 cheap remedies for beautiful and glowing skin:

Топ-8 бюджетных средств для ухоженной кожи: Их можно купить даже в аптеке

Lidaza and aloe

To use these tools to best it together: lydasum to wipe the skin of face and neck in the morning and aloe in the evening. This will help to soften and refresh the skin, smooth small wrinkles, to improve the condition of the cells and stimulate the regeneration of tissues. But it is important to remember: after a month of applications, the following three need to take a break.

Zinc ointment

Топ-8 бюджетных средств для ухоженной кожи: Их можно купить даже в аптеке

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Zinc is often used in various cosmetic products, that is not surprising: it relieves irritation and reduces skin inflammation. That is why this tool is considered very effective from acne. The only thing you should be careful not to overdo the ointment, otherwise you risk to earn excessive dryness of the skin.

Apricot oil

This tool is just perfect for daily use. Like expensive cream, it nourishes, softens and rejuvenates the skin, and is worth mere pennies.

Vitamin E liquid

It is considered good anti-aging agent: to smooth the resulting lines, it is necessary to add this vitamin in the water or cream. The most important thing is to ensure that liquid vitamin E does not combine with essential oils and sea salt, as it can trigger allergies.

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Топ-8 бюджетных средств для ухоженной кожи: Их можно купить даже в аптеке

Calendula tincture

Effective against blackheads and oily skin. Calendula tincture should be diluted with water in proportion 1:1 and RUB the resulting solution face.

Burdock oil

Numerous studies have proven the effectiveness of burdock oil for beauty and health of your hair. How to use: first, the oil need to warm up a bit, then apply on the entire length of hair, leave for a while for better absorption, then rinse with shampoo and all. Regularly using oil, you can forget about the problem of hair loss.


First of all, this cream is designed to heal wounds, but as it turned out, it fits perfectly and as omoloditelnyh face masks. Regularly making this mask, in just 2-3 weeks you can achieve a noticeable freshness to the face and an overall improvement in the condition of the skin. By the way, solcoseryl can be added to your usual cream.

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