Top 5 products that you cannot wash: the experts said about the danger

Топ-5 продуктов, которые нельзя мыть: эксперты заявили об опасности

These products are my every day, along with the rest, not even thinking about the danger that threatens us

However, experts claim that there are a number of arguments that can confirm these products to wash it is impossible.

Moreover, these products are the ones that we eat almost every day and so we wash them first before cooking and eating, writes Сlutch.

About the top foods that can hurt us if we continue to wash them together with other vegetables and fruits, read our collection.

Топ-5 продуктов, которые нельзя мыть: эксперты заявили об опасности

Fish and raw meat

The researchers were able to prove by science that washed fish and meat fillet is not freed with water from bacteria, but only increases their number. And all surfaces that contact product, be contaminated and filled with germs after. Under these conditions of Contracting an intestinal infection can be very quickly and without any special effort. simple. Scientists note that fish and fowl are enough thermally processed and bacteria will not. Do not need to wash.


They are able to absorb moisture like a sponge. Therefore when you start to wash mushrooms, they immediately filled with running water. Thus there is a possibility to put in your body all the contents of the water. To make the mushrooms clean, they need to be wiped with a paper towel and send to prepare.


Very often you can hear about the Salmonella, which can become infected from eggs that have not been washed. Indeed, you can become infected, however, wash eggs need not for the future, but right before brewing. If you do this in advance, then the protective layer from the surface of the balls just wear out and the product will quickly deteriorate.

Топ-5 продуктов, которые нельзя мыть: эксперты заявили об опасности

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Even here, scientists opposed rinsing. In particular, researchers are encouraged to refrain from rinsing cooked pasta before serving. The thing is that we get rid of the starch and thus deprive ourselves of taste from the product.

Salad in a sealed package

When the salad is placed in such a package, as a rule, all contents in it has long been washed and the repetition of the process does not need. Additional water treatment will lead to loss of juice and freshness of the product.

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