Top 5 naybilsh nebezpechnih products and for serca I Sudin

Топ-5 найбільш небезпечних продуктів для серця і судин

Not so long ago Shemona hvoroba serca Bula rtcctl great, now half vzagali vsih deaths through Sudan problems

Dolce samlaut scho the main reason bagatoh hvorob of scho at lyudin vynikajuci lately, her typical SMA style harchuvannya. In particular the mova yde about vivanne Veliko clast products and z “prikovanie” fats I Sol.

Vcen pdcreate scho economici on I — TSE not this means korchuvate correctly I korisno. Dateline about TSE respond expert likar-cardiologist, MD Marat Aripov.

So, in the words of the expert, can be called a few more products and fidelity, that will nebezpecne for our Sudin I serca.

Топ-5 найбільш небезпечних продуктів для серця і судин

Nebezpecne for our health vyyavlyayutsya VSI virobi s modificabili fats: zdalne pecivo, tortie and cream, many IRN Siri.

Kopchenosti sorokopen kovbasi, pastete takozh , scantime for our organza, adzhe stink mstate baslc girl.

Pid zaborney guilty Buti I CRA. And Yak red, so I Csorna.

Sipoc wine first shampanski it should be viluchiti s here that witco — h can samnite cimos straight ahead, Ben shubnum.

Beer — is more 0,5 in day for cholov I more than 0.33 for zhinok. Same so careless zvuciti the norm for vivanna of this verse.

Note, thought about those scho high tisk can not vdcti great MIF. Fact scho coronary arter sects postupovo, I porsenna sudnogo tone Ter daє organza chance nbit for Adaptec. However, naprawd heart Zvika pracovali on mezhi. Came through the TSE it seems to me, that attacking gastric of sarcevic bolw raptou.

Dwellers Unicode podno situat, it should be noted though once on tyzhden vimercati tisk Domashny tonometer. The upper boundary normi — 140/80 odinite.

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Топ-5 найбільш небезпечних продуктів для серця і судин

Nagado, as mi podoshli about those scho pochavsya season tasted, and doctors all apologise radiate enter into the diet of harchuvannya products I NAPA scho smut health.

Lcar samlaut scho in Perche symptoms prostudnih Pecci it should be actively viewauth NAPA scho dopomozhut likely “limiti” patogeni I toxine s organza.

Hvori Ludin duzhe it’s important malaguti pita. Rdina not daє NFCC stimulates in Poronin company I in slunko, I ocima Clin from vchodu scho tvoryatsya in process of borotba organza s virusami.

Nagado about tea with milk: chomu Tsey napy scalisi for health.

Yak podoljana Politeka scho deseve tea korisni expensive: visnovki vchenih was programsiso pokuptsiv.

Also Politeka wrote about nebezpecne horobi, that Velika tea.