Top 5 major signs of aging: what should pay attention

Топ-5 главных признаков старения: на что следует обратить внимание

For many women “old age” sounds like a death sentence, but there are methods that can stop the process

Unfortunately, the aging process is irreversible, but can slow them: to know how to recognize the first signs, read the article, writes Сlutch.

We have compiled a list of the five signs of aging inherent in women.

Топ-5 главных признаков старения: на что следует обратить внимание

Skin color

It changes with age, and if young girls it is light pink and literally “glows” from the inside, more Mature women, darkens and becomes dull, as a result, begins to be more noticeable pigmentation.

What can you do: in the early stages will be enough to use a bleaching cream regularly and sleep a little later, you might need laser resurfacing and photorejuvenation of the face.


This area of the body most women gives the true age. Over time, wrinkles appear that are hard to ignore. What to do: the modern cosmetology offers many procedures such as ultrasonic facelift and PRP, but you can still try to apply the filler. Before the first wrinkles appear, watch your posture — slouching brings only their appearance.

Nasolabial folds

This obvious and ugly problem may occur even before thirty years. Therefore here it is crucial to begin to deal with it.

How to do it: the most popular treatments in the fight against nosogubnye folds are considered biorevitalization and bioreinforcement. But if the folds are already very deep — it’s worth a try fillers with hyaluronic acid.

Топ-5 главных признаков старения: на что следует обратить внимание

Oval face

With age, the contours of the face have a tendency to “float”, turning a beautiful pretty face in something formless. To 45 years to face this problem 80%.

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How to save the situation: here we need a serious intervention to help the reinforcement of the chin and nitive strengthening. And in order to “defer” this process to then suggest, since thirty years, regularly doing gymnastics person.


Even assuming perfect person, your age can be easily calculated by hand: with age, they develop wrinkles, age spots and emerges through the skin veins. Yes, the nails are not too pleased with their possessor: they become brittle and fragile.

What else can be done: if the changes are already here — nothing you can do, is to take advantage of the new changes. The only thing that can fix the situation — to do light neat manicure, which visually “refresh” the handle.

And to postpone this unpleasant sign of old age — always protect your hands from exposure to direct sunlight, after all they are the main cause.

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