Top 5 foods that will rejuvenate you with: public

Топ-5 продуктов, которые вас омолодят: «доступно всем»

The experts identified five products that will give you a beautiful smile, slim waist and a healthy complexion

Research “anti-aging” and, importantly, available to all products held American experts, writes LiveStrong.

Dietitians and the Academy of General dentistry and the British journal of dermatology brought in the top five products, using which you will feel better. But look much younger.

Топ-5 продуктов, которые вас омолодят: «доступно всем»

In the list of useful products includes: cheese, tomatoes, olive oil, salmon and watermelon. Preferably often, and include them in your diet.

CHEESE (beautiful smile)

Nutritionists suggest to leave this product on the end of the meal. Cheese contains calcium which not only strengthen your teeth but also can neutralize the acidic environment, remaining in the mouth after eating.

TOMATOES (for healthy skin)

In tomatoes contains lycopene, an antioxidant with natural sunscreen properties. If your table will often be the tomatoes, then you will not face photoaging that will have a positive impact on the complexion.

OLIVE OIL (hair and skin)

Just one spoon of olive oil will moisturize the skin, make hair Shine and enrich the body omega fatty acids, which reduce cholesterol.

SALMON (useful for appearance in General).

This fatty fish contains essential omega-3, plus antioxidants vitamin E and selenium. They are “responsible” for your joints, hair and skin.

WATERMELON (fights free radicals that cause aging of the skin).

It has a lot of vitamins and antioxidants. Besides, say nutritionists, this berry will not bring harm to your figure.

Топ-5 продуктов, которые вас омолодят: «доступно всем»

As previously reported, experts have made the top products that you need to eat for Breakfast to energize you provided throughout the day.

Here are a few simple options healthy and tasty Breakfast, which you want to Wake up every morning.


Muesli or granola will provide you with the necessary amount of protein and fiber. Per serving this tasty dish is about 5 grams.

A big plus is the addition to the mixture of flax seeds, which is known for its positive effect on digestion.


Toast with peanut butter and fruit is a great option to quickly get enough. Nutritionists advise to pay attention to the composition of the paste. It is important that it was sugar-free. Choose peanut butter with a high content of protein. However, be careful. This product is a strong allergen.

Yogurt and cereal

Oatmeal, as you know is a storehouse of vitamins and minerals. In addition to yogurt will give you balanced, healthy dish that will give you energy to start a busy day.

Dairy products

Cottage cheese with a banana is what you need in the morning. Fermented cheese contains lots of calcium and protein. And in combination with such an inexpensive product, like a banana, you will receive up to 30 grams of protein.

Recall that these products have brought a list of harmful undeserved.

As reported Politeka, these products will make your hair and nails healthy and beautiful.

Also Politeka wrote that doctors told what foods are the mythical health benefits.