Top 3: which Zodiac signs are the most jealous

Astrologers have called the most jealous and possessive Zodiac signs that can bring to a frenzy with their tantrums and dramas.

Топ-3: які ж знаки Зодіаку є найбільш ревнивими


Aries is one of the most jealous signs of the Zodiac. Even years later from time to time he is interested in the life of former partners. Leaves his curiosity: “how long”, “who”, “seriously”, he continues to “monitor” pages of social networks, inadvertently trying to learn from friends, what about those who were once dear to him – his jealousy is his own and eat.

However, I must say, sometimes it’s the flash of jealousy ignite interest in the new partner be a certain signal that you can start the game. Aries are generally very gambling sign of the Zodiac, being drawn into the game, he can’t stop, don’t get mad on the impulses of jealousy Aries, he just understands how painful and frightening it will be to learn about physical or emotional infidelity (Yes, the psychological factor worries him even more), because this fear provokes in him a strong jealousy. Deceiving the RAM, you can not even expect that he will forgive treason. If anyone betrayed him, remained forever in a past life, informs Rus.Media.


A sense of ownership, stuffy feeling affection, and even some kind of emotional attachment always cause Cancer to feel these terrible, devastating and such jealousy. However, different from other the most jealous signs of the Zodiac that doesn’t like to show his emotions, will keep it all to myself, making it worse, because it sparks of jealousy turn into a terrible flame, and the one who started that terrible fire, very unlucky.

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It constantly plagued by doubts about its second half, the Cancer is not completely sure of the sincerity of the elect, is experiencing some instability, if he does not do serious steps. Cancers often choose partners who are jealousy of the alien, because they want to get freedom. The partner of a Cancer should be ready to emotional swings. So, the representative of the Zodiac sign Cancer will only be with someone who doesn’t give any reason to doubt him.


Scorpio is the most jealous sign of the Zodiac, it is better not to give a reason (he will find it). Nature is extremely possessive, can be jealous even former partners, who do not feel anything. They themselves would like to have their attacks of jealousy which was manifested by less frequent, but it is difficult to cope with that feeling. They expect that the partner will give them freedom and independence, but they themselves are difficult to exhibit reciprocity.

Though the flash of jealousy going on for so long, they are quite frequent, especially if the Scorpion is not sure about his partner. But Scorpions can also be understood is one of the most loyal signs, and is ready with your partner to go hand in hand all my life.

Favorite person of Scorpio need to understand it and to flash of jealousy went out, need to show more of their attention and surprise of pleasant surprises, from the heart of the Scorpion will fight more often – it could be romantic trips, walking, joint sport activities, etc., but the main thing is to be able to make it clear to Scorpion that his partner was serious.

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