Top 10 substances for healing the brain

10 главных веществ для оздоровления мозга

The Lancet has published data from the European scientists, about what substances stimulate the brain to function more productively. Sources of these substances are foods rich in vitamins and minerals.

So, to improve the ability to concentrate the brain needs iron. To obtain it, you need to eat foods such as pomegranates, green apples, buckwheat, black bread, legumes, eggs, cheese, beef liver. To stimulate memory doctors recommend eating carrots, pineapples and avocados.

Good ability to perceive new information is one of the markers of the young brain. To maintain this quality it is helpful to eat foods rich In b vitamins, which many in the seafood and nuts, spinach, carrots, corn, beans, broccoli, beef liver, herring.

The brain requires glucose, when it is in deficit we all start to think worse. Researchers are advised to give preference to polysaccharides from vegetables and fruits, and products from wheat flour.

Another important brain substance – choline: it is a sufficient amount of protects from chronic fatigue and distraction, as it helps to communicate between different parts of the brain. Sources of choline is egg yolks, subprodukty.

Need the brain and vitamin C improves the condition of blood vessels. The ideal suppliers of vitamin — grapefruit, currants, oranges, avocado, cabbage.

Also in the list of important brain nutrients includes potassium and calcium mineral, providing high speed of mental processes. To obtain them useful to use cheese, tomatoes, cottage cheese, dried apricots, prunes.

The brain contains large amounts of saturated fat and cholesterol necessary for proper functioning. For the replenishment of fat in the brain in the diet should include vegetable oils, oily species of fish.

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Another valuable mineral – zinc. Its consumption provides communication between neurons in the hippocampus, promotes optimal functioning of the brain and helps to prevent the decrease of cognitive functions in the elderly. Sources of zinc are seafood, beef, lean young lamb, Turkey, pumpkin seeds, wheat germ.

Magnesium takes part in most parts of biochemical reactions in the human body. The influence of magnesium on the brain is that this mineral strengthens the synapses located in the hippocampus — the brain structure that helps you store long-term memories. Also thanks to the magnesium improves learning ability, reduced to a psychotic state. To find the magnesium you need in the bran, cocoa, seeds, almonds and peanuts, buckwheat.


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