Too old for four days to the Quebec Games

jayson-robillard-dit-decu-ne(Sherbrooke) The Jayson Robillard golfer lived a disappointment seeing withdraw its participation ticket for the Quebec Games after finally declared too old … four days.

The Sherbrooke 16 years believed in his chances to pocket a medal and help the Estrie better figure during golf matches presented in Montreal at the end of the summer in Quebec 2016.

Because in the first received registration document registered birthdates let him believe that he was eligible for the competition: be born between 1 August 2003 and 2 August 1999. But later, one born July 28, 1999 received a second document in which it was mentioned that only athletes born between 2 August 1999 and 1 August 2003 could participate in the appointment.

And yet, as the race will take place from 18 to 20 July, Jayson Robillard would have been 16 years old at the time to participate.

“I find it very disappointing because the Golf Federation does not work like most other federations in determining the date of 1 January for eligibility. And this is the second time I refused to Quebec Games because of these dates that are not logical. I still hope it will change his mind by accepting our waiver. I’ll believe it until the eve of the Games, “says Jayson Robillard.

“We have so much trouble attracting young people on golf courses and when I see that prevents a golfer to participate in the Quebec Games because of poor administrative decision and the lack of flexibility or logic, ie, is absurd! “Launches Jayson’s father, Yves Robillard, golf pro and also operations manager at Club Venice.

“Normally, we can also consider age at the tournament or the year of birth. Why golf is August 2nd? To prevent those born in odd years between January 1 and August 2 of the Games? It is very questionable! “Adds Yves Robillard.

The latter not necessarily believe the chances of her son experience the Quebec Games:

“At least I will have fought for other young people if the Federation decides to change his tune for future editions. ”

Enforce regulations

The side of the Golf Federation of Quebec Director Jean-Pierre Beaulieu admits that there has been a fault committed.

“We were wrong in the date when the first installment. It’s unfortunate, we apologize, “he said.

And as regards the eligibility age?

“Each federation has the power to choose his dates. Ours is on 2 August. Even if the athlete was born three or four days too early, you can do anything. The regulations exist to be applied. It is as cruel as in the hockey world when a player is a day to be available for a draft. He must wait until next year, “says Mr. Beaulieu.

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