Tomenko explained how politicians use veterans: “Dovzhenko against Shaw in the war”

Томенко объяснил, как политики используют ветеранов: "Довженко против шоу на войне"

Mykola Tomenko revealed the truth about speculation of the Ukrainian politicians on the world war II veterans

Corresponding post of the leader of the party “public movement “Ridna Krayina” was posted on his page in Facebook.

“Dovzhenko against Shaw on the war, or not used for political purposes 90-100-year-old veterans. Again, the Pro-Russian policies and their channels are preparing to celebrate “the victory of the Soviet army” shows, rallies and demonstrations “immortal regiments”… which, by the way, most of them are not used to. Recall that the real and the youngest combatants of the Second world war is now more than 90 years”, — wrote Mykola Tomenko.

Tomenko suggested that politicians who use the veterans for their own purposes, to read “Diary entries” by Alexander Dovzhenko brought significant excerpt from the text:

Томенко объяснил, как политики используют ветеранов: "Довженко против шоу на войне"

“Nimensa bi I hotv of doiti until the time, if after although I Nelusko Taiko, ale peremozhne wine our skin genre peretvorivsya on svyashennoe Relco Peremoga. If skin fool I a bureaucrat, not deplaces for yakogo…people Peremoga fascists, stating scho Peremoga talasa came zavdyaki yomu scho crew defense, if you fool the camp priest I nedostroennom not Palestine critiquing…

I want write, scho bagato acbi not zaginul best people, as not many sexual to lose at girim prifrontovom the setups, all the same virastut I sugarmouse in borotin Silin characteristics, Silin dus, instead of a strong asshole…”

Earlier it was reported that Mykola Tomenko spoke about the transfer of employment of the President and his administration. The politician believes that the move of the administration in the new room can wait, you first need to realize the expected and real people projects:

1. Optimization (numerical and financial) in AP and all the support structures at the President.

2. Audit activities of State administration, including the billion-dollar mega-project of restoration of the Mariinsky Palace, which was without professionals and the public. Let me remind you that the HOOD under the President planned to learn in 2019 2 billion 300 million budgetary hryvnias, and the Management of the state protection — 1 billion 203 million!

Томенко объяснил, как политики используют ветеранов: "Довженко против шоу на войне"

3. Opening Bankova street for the free passage of residents and guests of the capital.

4. Transfer resorts hood to the Ministry of health for the treatment of combatants (see my draft Resolution of the Verkhovna Rada of 2015) and the transfer of state residences in the status of the state self-supporting enterprises.

5. The opening of the “House with chimeras” is one of the “7 wonders of Kyiv” for a permanent visit as is the Museum of all residents and tourists.

Recall, Tomenko called the main fear Poroshenko to Zelensky: “has Already started a new campaign”.

As reported Politeka, Mykola Tomenko clarified the situation in the Verkhovna Rada.

Also Politeka wrote that Tomenko said, who led the country together with Poroshenko and Ukrainian.