Todorenko without makeup revealed this: “this Lapushka”

Тодоренко без макияжа показала себя настоящую: "Лапуська такая"

Presenter Regina todorenko showed a cute image from her childhood

Regina todorenko not sitting still — young mom with her husband and young son Michael holds the may holidays in Turkey. While resting along with them, leading the family helps to look after the baby, the actress is enjoying time together with her husband, and also shows thinner after birth figure in a swimsuit. But even on vacation, the presenter did not forget about the Victory Celebration.

So the TV presenter and star of “the eagle and Tails” Regina todorenko, decided to congratulate the fans with a festival dedicated to the Victory Day. Celebrity published its children’s holiday picture with flowers.

Тодоренко без макияжа показала себя настоящую: "Лапуська такая"

Тодоренко без макияжа показала себя настоящую: "Лапуська такая"

In the photo the little Regina todorenko sincere eyes looking at the camera, smiling a little. In the hands of the girl holding roses and her hair braided in pigtails and decorated with white ribbons, such as used to decorate their hairstyles high school girls.

“…one for all, We pay the price. With great holiday!)” these words were accompanied by Regina todorenko your post.

Within minutes the post has gained a lot of likes and comments from followers. Many supported the star, once again noting the importance of today’s date and respect it. Also, the commentators noticed that Regina hasn’t changed only “a little older” and became more beautiful than before.

“It was already clear that the most beautiful,the kindest and most pleasant leading👍🤗”, “Not changed, was cute, beautiful”, “Pretty😊😊”, “no makeup beauty)))👏🙌”, “congratulations mutually!🎉”, “Uchi Bunny is such a❤ in my butt”, “Regina, You’re done the great beauty.”, “Regirock,you haven’t changed!!!”, “Lapushka this))😍😘🌺”.

Тодоренко без макияжа показала себя настоящую: "Лапуська такая"

Also earlier it was reported that Regina Todorenko, who has been living and building a career in Russia, continues to amaze fans with its bright photos and videos.

Known Ukrainian TV presenter Regina todorenko often pleases fans of the soulful confessions on the page in Instagram, the joint photo shoot with her husband, Russian musician Vlad Topalov, and slowly reveals the details of his new projects, shows photos of family everyday life and shows his entire family.

At this time, the celebrity published a lovely photo from Turkey, where I went with my son to rest at the may and Easter holidays.

Recall that the popular TV presenter Regina todorenko after a recent birth had decided to lose weight and already shows first successes.

As he wrote Politeka wrote, Regina Todorenko touched a new video for Topalov.

Also Politeka reported that the world saw the final episode of the first season of the show “Friday with Regina”.