Todorenko stunned the network with the son: “the first time”

Тодоренко ошарашила сеть снимком сына: "первый раз"

Known Ukrainian TV presenter and singer Regina todorenko first showed the face of a child

28-year-old Regina is enjoying the joys of motherhood. The boy who was born on December 5, parents named Michael. In caring for a baby helps her loving husband singer Vlad Topalov. “Vlad has become so corny now. It is small so who knows. He’s always so cocky, cool,” admitted the TV presenter.

Happy parents try not to show the face of his firstborn child, limited to filming a child’s room. All this time the fans could see the crib, which stars sang lullabies. But now TV presenter decided to show a rare shot of the baby. In the frame of the masseuse performs the procedure to the child. A newborn can hardly see, but a huge portrait of the family behind declassified the face of little Michael.

Тодоренко ошарашила сеть снимком сына: "первый раз"

Earlier it was reported that Regina todorenko showed perfect figure four months after giving birth. On his page in Instagram celebrity showed a picture taken in Dubai during the shooting of advertising of the brand Calzedonia. Photo Regina posing on the beach in a two-piece, showing off a feminine figure.

“I am proud of the view that picked up the photographer, because it can’t see my chubby sides, they all hid in the sand”, — said the leader.

Members think of Regina to his nag, and she’s definitely not overweight. Fans are assured that the figure of a young mother looks just perfect.

Тодоренко ошарашила сеть снимком сына: "первый раз"

“What figure, especially after childbirth. Keep it up!”, “Regina, you are awesome…Such a figure for a short time…well done!”, “Regina, you’re gorgeous!!! When the girl charming smile, no one looks at side”, “You just look amazing!!! After birth, all would be well!”, “here’s your grease does not smell!” – wrote fans in the comments.

We will remind, the world saw the final episode of the first season of the show “Friday with Regina”.

As he wrote Politeka wrote, Regina Todorenko touched a new video for Topalov.

Also Politeka wrote that tired Todorenko showed herself without makeup: “He wants me to go.”