Todorenko showed what sin indulged on vacation: “you need all the time…”

Тодоренко показала, какому греху предалась на отдыхе: «необходимо все время…»

Regina todorenko shared moments of their holidays

As reported Politeka, photos TV presenter has published on his page in Instagram.

Todorenko went to Italy on beautiful lake Garda, where a walk around the neighborhood and enjoyed Italian ice cream.

However, she noted that indulges in food and expressed a concern that can greatly better.

“In Italy you must eat all the time!!! If hungry, all the sights seem to be grey and unappealing in Short, I don’t deny myself food on a diet is not sitting. Soon I will only go Oversize,” wrote a leading.

Тодоренко показала, какому греху предалась на отдыхе: «необходимо все время…»

In the comments to another photo, she admitted that in the town of Sirmione ordered a kilo of ice cream.

Тодоренко показала, какому греху предалась на отдыхе: «необходимо все время…»

Also Todorenko said that on the shores of the largest lake in Italy could take place the celebration in honor of her marriage.

“There could have our wedding with @vladtopalovofficial, but the Amalfi coast has won! You may come to the lake to celebrate the anniversary, right here are incredibly beautiful: such sweet air, pure water, and a huge number of castles, ruins of the Roman Empire, tons of delicious gourmet food,” she signed the.

Тодоренко показала, какому греху предалась на отдыхе: «необходимо все время…»

Earlier Todorenko said that her family is not all so rosy, what do you think the fans. According to Todorenko, to cope with motherhood, her difficult, as well as to cope with household chores without the help of her husband, who, as a public person spends little time at home.

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Okazalos that Michael is still sleeping in the same bed with the parents and gives them how to sleep.

“Now in between filming, sections, mugs, studios, we started laying the baby in a separate room, because in 9 months a little tired to sleep together. I support co-sleeping, but when it comes to lack of sleep the whole family, it’s time to do something about it,” — said Todorenko.

However, she said that has been looked after child adviser and went to work. In addition, the presenter shared his knowledge in psychology, which she uses when raising a son.

We will remind, Todorenko in swimsuit severely disgraced.

As reported Politeka, Todorenko puzzled network of gaudy makeup.

Also Politeka wrote that Todorenko seduced slim figure in a mini bikini.