Todorenko lifted her leg and trimmed the excess, intimate embarrassment came on video: network timeout

Тодоренко задрала ногу и засветила лишнее, интимный конфуз попал на видео: сеть в ауте

Famous TV host Regina todorenko starred in the show, Comment Out where she had to do very humiliating things, or to offend the stars of showbiz

But the furor in the network caused another — she accidentally exposed her panties to everyone.

In the show she had to compete with llya Prusiking, who in the final you had to call Alexander Maslyakov-younger and admit that he likes his sexual organ, lipo to write mom a TEXT which require you to urgently return all the money he gave her, or he can go to court and mom will be problems.

Regina todorenko, jokingly suggested he’d better suck cuticle women before the pedicure.

Тодоренко задрала ногу и засветила лишнее, интимный конфуз попал на видео: сеть в ауте

“Maybe you’d better lick foot women, do her pedicure?”, asked Regina.

“No problem, I can. But mom I can’t,” said Prosikhin.

After that, Regina neighing and threw a leg up on the table, lit up at the same time, all that was under the dress.

Presenter Vladimir Marconi, Prusikin and Todorenko laughed together.

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The fans liked the show and no one missed a moment with the glare of cowards Regina Todorenko.

“And after that show, Lenin returned home with claustrophobia”, “Oh Them*who ate the face is just the best”, “Who burned black panties Regina ?))))like”, “a retarded show! Like put) special thanks to the glare of Regina(patrocino)” — write in the comments.

We will remind, Todorenko in swimsuit severely disgraced.

As reported Politeka, Todorenko puzzled network of gaudy makeup.

Also Politeka wrote that Todorenko seduced slim figure in a mini-bikini