Todorenko for the first time openly spoke about bullying Topalov: “my God…”

Тодоренко впервые откровенно рассказала об издевательствах Топалова: «Господи..."

Famous Ukrainian leading Regina todorenko showed a video in which the boasted knowledge of the English language – self and husband

So, in the video, published on social networks, a couple talking in English, faking an American accent. At one point Todorenko switches to Russian, and explains to fans that her husband Vlad Topalov often mocks her for trying to fake the accent, and now he gave himself to this game.

Тодоренко впервые откровенно рассказала об издевательствах Топалова: «Господи..."

“Always mocking me, saying, “what do you include American accent,” said Todorenko. Then a couple more a little Hamming and laughing together. “Lord, speak normally,” added a celebrity to the end of the video.

Thus, in the picture you can see that couple together chose an outfit for the walk – in Regina bright yellow jacket and collected in tail hair, while Topalov chose to pick up a hoodie the same shade of yellow, by choosing a more sporting style.

The famous Russian singer and husband of Regina Todorenko Vlad Topalov published a photo from the beach, which shows his muscles. So, made by the Regina photo Vlad within the advertising of the gym appears to the fans in some batches and jokingly strained muscles, making naturalnoe face. Thus he ridiculed the celebrities who flaunt their physical form, if not create it on the computer.

“Only once on the beach you start to really regret the “potato, potato chips, cakes and bread” well, you understand me Yes. I consider an honest appear in different “forms.” Not just good @royal_wellness_club, wait, I understand. Corrected))))) no photoshop! Male in all its beauty…”, — he signed the frame.

We will remind, Todorenko without makeup struck extreme cleavage: “Now it’s hot in here”

As reported Politeka, Todorenko intrigued by a new photo: “all grown up and prettier”

Also Politeka wrote that Todorenko showed the closest person, and this is not Topalov: “Chattered till midnight”