Todorenko decided on an intimate confession, was not expecting this one: “girl you’ll go far”

Тодоренко решилась на интимное признание, такого не ждал никто: «девочка далеко пойдет»

Popular Ukrainian TV presenter Regina todorenko revealed intimate details of family life with Vlad Topalov

As reported Politeka, she told the TV show “Tantsi z with a stars”.

So, the girl told how she decided to star in a photo shoot of the swimwear after the birth, and how she managed to look “at 100”.

“Photoshop. I’m kidding. In fact, there is very little, only to slightly “pull” the skin after childbirth, because she was a little flabby. But in General I have long nursed and fed still ate what I ate, Michael – everything steamed, boiled, is very easy. For three months I came to form, although recovered for the period of pregnancy at 18 lbs. Now I weigh 57 kg, but we still have a few pounds to lose”, she said.

Тодоренко решилась на интимное признание, такого не ждал никто: «девочка далеко пойдет»

Moreover, Todorenko suddenly decided on an intimate confession about family life. In particular, she was sleeping naked, with ease would be removed in the film in an erotic scene, my husband danced Striptease, took selfies in the Nude, went shopping in a sex shop, wearing men’s clothes and followed those who “like” spouse.

As previously reported, Regina admitted in an interview that not so smooth in their relations with Topalov as we would like, they often quarrel. And then, finally, the singer told what is the reason for disorder and conflicts. It turned out, all the matter in your career. According to her, often she and her husband may be unconsciously do hurt each other, but then comes reconciliation.

“In the eternal race for success, money, a career we forget about the most important — loved ones, who love us without any conditions, just simply because the mechanics of the heart are so arranged! Today I spent half the night thinking how Vlad Topalov sometimes unknowingly hurt each other, and so want to avoid these verbal battles. But wisdom prevails, and Mr. M. says his favorite phrase: “Why swear, we will still make it up”. At this moment there comes a thaw! So let your family will always be warm and cozy. Because the family is the driver of mankind and the tremendous support of each other!”, — openly told a celebrity.

Тодоренко решилась на интимное признание, такого не ждал никто: «девочка далеко пойдет»

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We will remind, Todorenko in swimsuit severely disgraced.

As reported Politeka, Todorenko puzzled network of gaudy makeup.

Also Politeka wrote that Todorenko seduced slim figure in a mini-bikini