To travel abroad from Ukraine has become a problem, people are not allowed: “not everyone knows about it”

Выехать за границу из Украины стало проблемой, людей не пускают: «не все знают об этом»

As of last year thousands of Ukrainians go abroad because they have had debts

It is reported Hvylya.

“The most common reason for limiting out — dodging person from fulfilling the obligations imposed on him by a court decision. These situations include debts for alimony, tax debts, overdue loans, etc”, — said the partner of the legal company Prodigals Roman Saenko.

Выехать за границу из Украины стало проблемой, людей не пускают: «не все знают об этом»

At the same time, the lawyer Oleg Protymoshenko said that people don’t always know my duty.

“For example, child support case can be considered a year, and the alimony be awarded from the date of treatment to the court. That is, people may not know about the case, and then she is told that she should a large amount. It can also happen that a debtor pays in cash without a receipt, and the wife then says that no alimony was not” — he stressed.

Specify that in 2018 abroad not released 4780 citizens of Ukraine.

As previously reported, the FSB in annexed Crimea started to check people at the entrance to the Peninsula

It is reported that from-for it at checkpoints formed a very large queue. As you know, at the checkpoint “Perekop”, which is located in front of the Ukrainian KPVV “Chaplynka” and controlled by the FSB, has introduced additional checks of clothes and Luggage.

Started to check through the conveyor belt. And these involved only one person. In relation to innovation, at the checkpoint had accumulated about four hundred people.

As reported in the security lines from “Chongar” because of the additional screening measures have stopped approximately 250 vehicles.

We add that the Crimeans have not easy due to lack of necessary resources, but it looks like the President of the Russian Federation do not care deeply for their problems. Without water supply from Ukraine to restore the North-Crimean canal in the occupied Peninsula makes no sense, but apparently the occupiers think differently. So, the basic plan of the invaders, the restoration of this channel was to save Crimea from complete drought. This opinion was expressed by the Russian independent expert, candidate of geological-mineralogical Sciences Yuri Medovar. “No sense. The flow of the canal is 300 cubic meters per second, is very high. It is approximately 80% gave water to the Crimean Peninsula. I said, “Guys, we have to negotiate with Ukraine. Without water you will not last,” — said the expert.

Выехать за границу из Украины стало проблемой, людей не пускают: «не все знают об этом»

Recall that the invaders destroyed the card of the Crimea.

As reported Politeka, the astrologer predicted the battles of “cross and Crescent” for the Crimea.

Also Politeka wrote that the United States took the Crimea into the ring.