To the case of the “fat Leonard” may be involved in 60 of admirals of the U.S. Navy

The U.S. Navy is currently investigating more than 60 admirals and hundreds of other naval officers because of their possible involvement in the case of bribery and fraud, better known as the case of the “fat Leonard”. This was the most serious corruption scandal in the history of the U. S. Navy.

As reported by Craig Whitlock of the Washington Post, the admirals caught up in the scandal of the so-called “fat Leonard”, was allegedly visited by a bizarre pop-parties, which sometimes included prostitutes and lots of alcohol – all across Asia, paid for by the contractor for the protection named Leonard Glenn Francis. Francis is in jail in San Diego, because he pleaded guilty in January, 2015 on charges of bribery and fraud; it bribes and fraudulent accounts helped him to overload the Navy for their services approximately $ 35 million. Now he is cooperating with authorities.
A total of 440 active and retired sailors are currently under close monitoring for possible breach of rules of ethics in its relations with the Francis company, Glenn Defense Marine Asia. Still, criminal charges were filed against 29 people, and at least one retired rear Admiral serving a prison sentence.

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