To sleep longer than 8 hours per day dangerous to life

Спать дольше 8 часов в день опасно для жизни

Sleep duration more than 8 hours every night increases the chance of premature death. The study showed that the risk of heart disease and stroke increases by 47%.

Scientists have repeatedly said that the shortage of sleep brings serious illness and early death. And people must sleep every night at least 7-8 hours. Now, however, research scientists from several countries have shown that receiving more than 8 hours of sleep every night people are at risk of premature deathas those who are not getting enough sleep. Sleep duration more than 8 hours increases the risk of heart disease and stroke that has been observed over 3.3 million people worldwide. The authors believe that excessive sleep may be a marker of poor health.

The exact cause of this is not established, but scientists theorize that the more time people spend in bed, the less amount of physical activity performed daily, which is very bad for your heart. We can not exclude the fact that sleeping for too long, people are already suffering from any undiagnosed problems with health. For example, depression or any disease of the nervous system. Scientists believe that people who daily sleep too long, you need to send to the doctor to check their health and also to prevent the development of cardiovascular diseases.

The study once again showed that sleep duration of 7-8 hours daily is the most useful for health. Receiving much less and much greater volume of sleep people are at risk to die prematurely. And in the second case, the probability of early death is significantly higher than in the first. For example, if every day people sleep for 10 hours, the risk of premature death increases by 30%, and if 11, by as much as 47%.

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