To process and wash: things that are dangerous to use immediately after the store

Обработать и помыть: вещи, которые опасно использовать сразу после магазина

Some products should be ready for use after purchase

Some things can’t be used immediately after purchase. Some can be harmful to your health


Before wearing shoes, it is necessary to antiseptic inside. Catching the infection from someone who measured it, can be very simple.

If you don’t believe can get sick, still do not go outside in the shoes immediately after purchase. To steam long you served, treat it first with a cream or spray. Then allow the smell to wear off.

Обработать и помыть: вещи, которые опасно использовать сразу после магазина


After buying the clothes need to be washed. The danger lies not only in the fact that someone has measured up to you. Some paint for fabrics can be very aggressive.

Even more dangerous than the dyes are chemical substances, which preserve the shape of the garment and do not allow it to wrinkle. Formaldehyde resin — a colorless gaseous substance that can cause skin irritation and allergic reactions.


Immediately after delivery, the fridge can’t turn on. Setup wizard and repair of equipment claim that the consequences can be dire if you disobey. Failure may leave the compressor. Wait from 4 to 16 hours, the exact time specify, and then connect. It is necessary that all the liquid gets evenly distributed through the system.

Cutting Board

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If you have bought wooden cutting Board, do not rush to use it. Always rinse and sanitize soda. Then brush it with warm vegetable oil, let it soak and then wipe off with a paper towel the excess. This will protect the Board from wear and bacteria.


Bought a new pan, washed, means for washing dishes, and everything? First, it is necessary to clean with baking soda, then boil it water and then drain it. I love to cook.

Обработать и помыть: вещи, которые опасно использовать сразу после магазина


After buying a toothbrush should be sanitized. It is known to all. But how to do it? Some dip it for one minute in boiling water or wash in the soda solution. To do with modern toothbrushes made of artificial materials so it is impossible — this may harm your hairs, they will quickly appear small fissures where bacteria start to breed. So just rinse the brush with warm water and soap.

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