To influence the courts for “Corvalol” company “Farmak” has helped political relations

Влиять на суды за «Корвалол» компании «Фармак» помогали политические связи

Now JSC “Farmak” has lost its corruption communications, which is frantically trying to stall

As writes the edition, Political news in Ukraine, a loud trial, more similar to the Brazilian series, came on the next stage. Since the end of August the dispute between the companies “Pharmak” and “Darnitsa” for “Corvalol” addressed in Economic court of Kiev. Judging by the first two meetings, light at the end of the tunnel.

First, a few hours before the first meeting of “Farmak” suddenly decided to provide the court with additional evidence – a survey. Then, at the second meeting, the company representatives said that they are preparing another study for which the consideration of the merits again had to be postponed. Lawyers “Darnitsa” I suspected the other side in the artificial prolongation of the process.

Why is the “Farmak”? According to one version, the company is at a loss, because without corruption it hasn’t yet managed to influence “coralline” courts.

We will remind, “Farmak” suing “Darnitsa” for 15 years. Although Farmak calls itself an innovative company, he is haunted by the old Soviet medicine, and he is willing to do anything to prevent the competitor to produce drops “pills Darnitsa”.

Although initially the process was initiated by the “farmakom”, this time he is the defendant, since we are talking about the claim “Darnitsa” on the decision of the Appeals chamber of the Ministry of economic development and trade (MEDT) made in 2017 in favor of “Farmaco”. The decision of the Ministry was actually the only stage of the process, which Farmak was won – and in a fairly short period of time.

Why “Farmak” has addressed in the Ministry? Perhaps because the Deputy Minister was there Natalia Mykolska is not a stranger to pharmacists. After all, before joining the civil service he worked in a law firm “Sayenko Kharenko”, which represents the interests of Farmak in a dispute with “Darnitsa”. Not going to say loud the word “corruption”, but the conflict of interest is certainly there.

There is a “korvalola” and another strange circumstance. Back in 2011, “Farmak” completely lost “Darnitsa” all possible trials, where the subject of the dispute was the symbol “sage”. But in 2017, “Farmak” why, then resumed litigation, inventing new dispute – sign “Corvalol Corvalolum”.

Why twice enter the same river? And why 2017?

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Perhaps the answer lies in the person of Paul Zhebrivskyi, brother of Fili Zebrowski, which is officially listed as the ultimate beneficiary of “Farmaco”. Actually Pavel Zhebrivsky is also a co-owner of a pharmaceutical Empire, which also includes assets in Western Europe and a number of offshore companies. It journalists of the authoritative German edition of Deutsche Welle, at the same time seeing that with the transparency of the business from the family Zebrowski not all right.

In 2015-2018 Pavlo Zhebrovsky was at the peak of its influence. A close ally of then-President Petro Poroshenko was appointed the first Chairman of the Donetsk military and civil administration and then auditor of the National anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) on the presidential quota. Why not use his influence in the interests of business?

But times have changed. Pavel Zhebrivsky gone from the political Olympus. Natalia Mykolska a year before coming to power, ze-team well quit the Ministry and went to study in Stanford. But lobbyists among the “new faces” at “Farmaco”, it seems not.

Therefore, the “Farmak” remains to invent absurd evidence. For example, conducted in August-2019 sociological survey on the attitude of Ukrainians to the “Corvalol-to Corvalolum”. No matter what the results have not received the sociologists, they may not have relations to business. Recall, the subject of dispute, the decision of the Appeals chamber of the Ministry for 2017, which could not well affect data for the year 2019.

Anyway, now the “Farmak” is unlikely again to transfer the case to corrupt the plane. Most likely, the court will make an objective decision and finally put a logical end to the protracted dispute.