“To go bald”: Pritula told how he decided to “seduce” Kamensky

"Уходи от лысого": Притула рассказал, как решил "соблазнить" Каменских

Known Ukrainian TV presenter and comedian Sergey Pritula loved the voice of the singer Nastya Kamenskikh

Recently, the artist became a sex coach in the new film “Sex and nothing personal.” He told the journalist Ekaterina Osadchaya, as trying to “seduce” Nastya Kamenskikh. It is possible that he gave the singer no doubt about her duet with Potap.

Sergey Pritula admitted that long time to persuade her close friend Nastya Kamenskih to go into a solo career. Only ten years later, she followed the advice of a friend I began to take one. The idea came to leading in the head, when he began his career.

"Уходи от лысого": Притула рассказал, как решил "соблазнить" Каменских

“Thanks to the work on the radio I was familiar with the songs Nasty before she began to cooperate with Potapov. I remember turning on the radio her song “Tsunami”. “Tsunami, we were covering the waves …” I Remember in 2006-2007 I admired her singing, and said to Nastya: “Go away from that bald man and do a solo career”. She said, “Well, where am I? We have such a beautiful duet “Potap and Nastya”. And now ten years have passed, and the girl went to a solo career, and I ten years ago, told her about it,” – said Sergey Prytula.

"Уходи от лысого": Притула рассказал, как решил "соблазнить" Каменских

Earlier a friend and colleague of the artist, Alexander Pedan, told about a curious case. In conversation with Anatoliy Anatolich he shared intimate details. As it turned out a few years ago, TV hosts joined in close physical contact. A journalist asked, kissing chatting with men. Alexander Pedan admitted that his partner for kissing at the time, was drunk Serhiy Prytula:

“Now you’ll laugh – with Pritula. Seriously,” said Pedan. — “Well, it was like the neighing drunk. What it was, if I’m not mistaken. We somehow reconciled. It was a bad time… Nevermind!”, — added a celebrity during the interview.

We will remind, Prytula was struck by the story of the soldiers of the ATO: “returned the favor.”

As reported Politeka, Zelensky reconciled with Pritula after the scandal: “Waiting in the Quarter-95”.

Also Politeka wrote that Pritula was stunned with the recognition about life in the Ukraine: “One question only”.