To escape from headaches without drugs: the simplest ways

Спастись от головной боли без лекарств: самые простые способы

Even if at hand are no pills for that headache you need to get rid. The recipes are simple, affordable and accurate than one generation

Headache is probably one of the most common infirmities that daily afflict a lot of people. The causes of migraines can be different and of course each of them requires its own treatment. Headaches can be the consequence of high pressure, physical and nervous tension, difficult weather conditions and many other reasons. However, to eliminate the unpleasant symptoms of headaches without the help of medications. Folk medicine recommends tools, many of which always have on hand.

Спастись от головной боли без лекарств: самые простые способы

A panacea it may be aromatherapy. For her they are all water-soluble essential oil having a pleasant aroma. Among them are lavender and mint. Both of these plants have a beneficial effect on the nervous system, soothes and relaxes. And both can be effectively used to eliminate headaches. Doctors even advised to RUB the mint juice into the scalp. This should be done at least ten minutes. After this procedure, the pain should leave your tormented head.

For headaches you can also use ordinary ice. It is good when the pain is cold-related, allergic or spasmodic origin. For this you need to wrap the ice in a towel and apply to the place where it hurts most severely. If the pain has no clear localization, hurts the entire head, you should apply ice to the neck and shoulders. The ice must be used in the wrap of the towel, otherwise it will be ineffective. If frozen water is at hand does not, you can use simple cold water. For this you need to moisten it a napkin and apply to the location of the pain.

Спастись от головной боли без лекарств: самые простые способы

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Another effective remedy for migraine headaches – acupressure. That is characteristic: do not need to massage where it hurts. This massage is borrowed, incidentally, from the Chinese medicine has a completely unexpected “point of application”. In particular, it is possible to find a point of connection of thumb and index finger on the hand. It can be found when clicked. At this point pain is felt, if you click on it. So, it should actively massaging for at least five minutes. In addition, it is possible to make massage of the ear lobes. They should “practice” until, until they become hot. Still, they say, can put pressure on a point located on the nose, which converge conditionally eyebrows. However, modern women with tattooed eyebrows with this easy to make a mistake.

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