To buy coal at the price of “Rotterdam +”, which is the cheapest, now it is impossible – expert

Купить уголь по цене "Роттердам +", которая является самой дешевой, сейчас невозможно - эксперт

The price of coal “Rotterdam +” now it is impossible to buy, all suggestions are a great price

This was reported by a member of the Supervisory Board of the Institute of energy strategies Yuri Korolchuk of the TV channel “espresso” reports “DS”.

The expert said that today the price of coal calculated by the formula “Rotterdam +” is the lowest. But to buy it at this price is impossible. All versions of the import of coal from USA, South Africa and Colombia more expensive, as the price of coal from Ukrainian state-owned mines. In particular, DTEK is not able to buy coal at “Rotterdam +” at Ukrainian energy exchange.

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“The problem is that this coal, even despite the fact that it is the cheapest stock is trading at this price, but it is not, it is difficult to find because it is a scarce resource including on the world coal market. And DTEK even announced a bid, they wanted to purchase 450,000 tons of coal, — no one came and offered them this coal at such a price,” — said Korolchuk.

Earlier, DTEK has announced its readiness to buy the Ukrainian energy exchange 450 000 tons of coal at a price set by the formula “Rotterdam +”, for its thermal power plants. According to the results of exchange auctions that were conducted from 2 to 12 September the company was unable to acquire coal at such a price, as you didn’t get offers from suppliers.

According to media reports, the meeting with the President on energy issues, which took place on August 19, revealed that the price of coal calculated by the formula “Rotterdam +” is cheaper than the cost of imported coal from South Africa, USA and Colombia. Price “Rotterdam” is 1,74 thousand UAH per ton, imports from Colombia and the United States — 1,9 thousand UAH per ton, South Africa — 1,8 thousand hryvnias for ton.