To avoid negative consequences, we should not neglect the rules of care for colored strands.

To avoid negative consequences, we should not neglect the rules of care for colored strands.

Щоб уникнути негативних наслідків, не варто нехтувати правилами догляду за пофарбованими пасмами.

Women dye their hair for different reasons: someone hides the gray or plain natural shade, and someone so is struggling with depression and life’s turmoil. One visit to the hairdresser can dramatically change not only the appearance but also the mood of ladies. But, unfortunately, the metamorphosis of color have a negative impact on the health of our hair: the effect of noxious chemical elements makes them brittle and thin. Today we will look at all possible ways of first-aid dyed and damaged hair at home. The main thing – to be patient and adhere to certain rules, informs UkrMedia.

The basic rules of coloring and care

  • To minimize the harmful effects of dyes on the hair during a color change, must strictly follow the guidelines that are spelled out in the instructions attached to the paint. If you still are not sure that you can do everything right and get the desired result, you should not skimp on salon treatments staining. Entrust this responsible task to an experienced master;
  • To secure the result after the staining procedure mandatory use balm, embedded in every packet of dye;
  • To wash it after dyeing it is necessary to use a shampoo that will help to neutralize the alkaline environment;
  • Professionals recommend not to wash your hair for 2 days after the staining procedure;
  • Not to break integrity of structure of hair, comb them only after complete drying;
  • If you want to save the resulting tone as possible for a long period of time during the first 14 days do not rush to start to make nourishing masks and use professional products to restore hair, as these measures contribute to accelerated leaching of color pigment;
  • If you have oily hair, after dying will refrain from the use of oils;

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