To 21: forecasters announced unexpected forecast on may 3

До +21: синоптики озвучили неожиданный прогноз на 3 мая

Weather in Ukraine may 3, Ukrainians will be pleased with warming, but no cost and without unpleasant surprises, because this Friday in almost all areas again the rains

As informs hydrometeorological centre, strong precipitation is expected in the West and in Khmelnytskyi region. A few showers will be held today in the North and in most of the Eastern and southern regions. For the rest of the country the weather will be partly cloudy and dry.

Weather in Ukraine on 3 may will be warm, almost everywhere, the day temperature will reach +20 heat on the South — to +23.

Speed South-West wind on may 3 will be 7-12 m/s.

Further detailed information about what will be the weather in Ukraine may 3:

Western region — the night without rain, afternoon rain, + 7-9 at night, + 18-20.

In Carpathian mountains on may 3, the weather will also be wet. + 6-8 night + day 11-13.

До +21: синоптики озвучили неожиданный прогноз на 3 мая

Weather in Ukraine on may 3

On the North today, also a little rain. Night temperature + 7-9, day + 17-19.

Afternoon rain is expected in the East, with the exception of the Kharkiv region, where the weather will be partly cloudy and light rain. + 7-9 at night, + 18-20.

In the center on may 3, forecasters predict short rains. Partly cloudy and dry weather is expected only in the Dnipropetrovsk region. Night temperature + 9 to 11, day + 19-21.

On the South of Ukraine today is clear and without precipitation. + 9-11 night + day 21-23.

Dry and clear will be on may 3 and on the Crimean Peninsula. + 9-11 night + day 21-23.

Weather in Kiev on may 3, will be warm at night weather forecasters predict + 8-10, + 18-20. During the day in the capital of the intermittent rain is possible.

До +21: синоптики озвучили неожиданный прогноз на 3 мая

Weather in Ukraine on may 3

The warmest day 3 April in Kiev was in 1949 — +26.9 heat, the coldest — in the 1940 -1.5 temperatures, according to the Central geophysical Observatory of Ukraine.

In the folk calendar may 3 — day Fedora. This day was intended to commemorate the dead. There was a tradition on may 3 to go to the cemetery and remember their dead relatives. No on 3 may was not planned, this day it was forbidden to quarrel and to have fun.

Folk omens on may 3:

  • Rowan has not yet bloomed — autumn is cold.
  • May 3 cold — end of the month will be hot.
  • A lot of bugs in the summer will be dry.

Recall the screams and panic of the passengers had time to remove, as they are sucked into a tornado, grim footage of the disaster.

As reported Politeka, natural anomalies scared of Ukrainians across the country: incredible footage.

Also Politeka wrote that a strong tornado went through the country: “turned over bus with passengers”.