To 19: forecasters said, when Ukraine will return the warmth

До +19: синоптики рассказали, когда в Украину вернется тепло

Weather in Ukraine 2 may still will depend on the cyclone, which was dictated by the wet and windy weather the day before. But today, precipitation will slowly subside, and in some regions even expected Sunny weather

The meteorologist reported that the weather in Ukraine may 2 Ukrainians will be pleased with a nice degree on the thermometers. Today in most areas in the afternoon to + 15-17 heat, southern region — to +19.

Showers today are expected everywhere except the South and the Crimean Peninsula, where today will be dominated by Sunny and dry weather.

Good news from weather forecasters — warming. Starting from may 3, Ukraine significantly warmer, unfortunately, to enjoy the warmth we have long. The second wave of cold weather will cover Ukraine on may 6-7.

The speed of the West wind on may 2 will reach 7-12 m/s.

Further details about what will be the weather in Ukraine may 2:

On the territory of the Western regions held a little rain. At +4-6, +15-17.

2 may be rainy and in the Carpathians. In a mountainous area at night 0 + 2, day +6-8 heat.

До +19: синоптики рассказали, когда в Украину вернется тепло

Weather in Ukraine on may 2

On the North, Ukraine on Thursday, forecasters also predict a slight precipitation. At night, the air warms up to + 6-8, + 15-17.

Rainy 2 may be on the East of the country, where at +8-10, +16-18 Celsius.

In Central areas today, as expected, a little rain. + 7-9 at night, + 17-19 day.

But on the South of Ukraine the weather forecast may 2 will be Sunny and without rain. + 9-11 at night, + 17-19 day.

Dry and Sunny today and on the Crimean Peninsula, where + 8-10 at night, + 17-19 day.

Weather in Kiev 2 may be quite warm, but wet — in the capital forecasters predict little rain. Night temperature is + 6-8, day + 15-17.

Central geophysical Observatory of Ukraine reported that the coldest this day was in Kiev in 1962: -0.6; and the warmest in 1934 — +30.

До +19: синоптики рассказали, когда в Украину вернется тепло

Weather in Ukraine on may 2

In the folk calendar may 2 — Ivan the warrior. On this day, people addressed prayers to Ivan the warrior, in which he asked for a good harvest and protection from storms and various calamities. Because 2 may often happened first thunderstorm of spring.

It was the custom for Ivan to bake pies with various fillings. This cake is then carried into the box and laid them on the canvas, referring to the Spring with a request for harvest of the year.

Folk omens on may 2:

  • Rain 2 may — June is dry and warm.
  • Warm weather Ivan the warrior promised cold end of the month.
  • Clouds quickly run across the sky — in the next few days it won’t rain.

Recall that freezing and the second wave of cold weather: the weatherman was stunned with the forecast for may.

As reported Politeka, the warming in Ukraine: the sudden shift in weather, the cold will be gone.

Also Politeka wrote that a huge tornado sweeps the country, turned the bus with people: footage of disaster striking.