Titushki attacked the apartments of Kiev, knocking down doors and take out things: what is happening in the capital

Титушки атакуют квартиры киевлян, выбивают двери и выносят вещи: что происходит в столице

Aggressive young people tried to take away from Kiev of his living space

Also aunts, and so became known in Ukraine, insurgents-raiders are attempting to children’s sports complex. And all this for one day, reports the Department of national police of Kiev.

So, on Monday, April 22, the raiders are tried in the center of Kiev to deprive the owner of his apartment. The aunts knocked the door of living space and began to make things. Capture they made, waiting, when the landlord was away on business.

Титушки атакуют квартиры киевлян, выбивают двери и выносят вещи: что происходит в столице

At the specified address I left it is investigative-task force of regional management and the crews of the patrol. On the spot they found eight people, including two lawyers.

Militiamen found out that these precious capital square meters – is debatable. 52-the summer owner claimed that his roguish way took control of the other person. And now, who owns the living space, are investigated by the Prosecutor’s office.

Meanwhile, the aunts said that about the disputed right of ownership of anything they supposedly do not know, and broke the door of the apartment, because I rented it from the new owner and wanted to get inside.

The raiders were detained. They were residents of Moscow and Moscow region. There is a check.

Also the police had to intervene to prevent the raider seizure of a sports complex in Darnitsa district of Kiev.

The complex, located in Boryspil, brazenly penetrated aunts. They beat up the guard and locked herself inside occupied buildings.

When the activists saw that the raiders smashing the complex and there equip the barricade, they applied the gas and set fire brought the bus.

In place of conflict left not only detectives and patrol, but police regiment of special purpose. At the entrance to the complex was the coaches and the parents of children who are engaged in building. On the spot it was found that conflict arose between the owners of the premises.

Титушки атакуют квартиры киевлян, выбивают двери и выносят вещи: что происходит в столице

The police had to intervene in the conflict and to prevent a hostile takeover of the club. The building was derived 62 people. They are all taken to district police office. Find out where their personality and take testimony.

The Metropolitan police opened criminal proceedings.

Recall that the most dangerous woman on the planet is preparing large-scale terrorist attack.

As reported Politeka, a suicide bomber arranged explosion during an election rally. Reported numerous victims and wounded.

Politeka also wrote that the terrorist act happened right in the crowd of refugees.