Tishchenko was stunned by the new photo without clothing: “the Baby had fun”

Тищенко ошарашил новым фото без одежды: "Малыш здорово повеселился"

Famous Ukrainian restaurateur and host of the television show “the Auditor” Nikolay Tishchenko stunned its subscribers with the in the bathroom

This is a photo of Nikolay Tishchenko has published on his page in social network Instagram.

In the pictures presenter lies in the big round tub filled with foam. Foam covers the face of Nicholas peering eyes and ears.

Тищенко ошарашил новым фото без одежды: "Малыш здорово повеселился"

“David did the daddy mask” — Milo signed the Tishchenko.

The opinions of fans, as is customary, was divided into two camps. One photo I liked, others did not miss the chance to criticize the artist.

“While the mother went to the Spa, they have had their house Spa”, “Cool as a….funny”, “Dobrynya Nikitich direct”, “Tercek”, “Life is good”, “this cat in oil”, “the Most important thing back there a bathtub in the corner was, a bunch of penny apparently kid there had a lot of fun)))))” — written by the followers of Nicholas.

Тищенко ошарашил новым фото без одежды: "Малыш здорово повеселился"

Тищенко ошарашил новым фото без одежды: "Малыш здорово повеселился"Тищенко ошарашил новым фото без одежды: "Малыш здорово повеселился"


Recall that a few weeks ago, the wife of Nikolay Tishchenko was the best birthday.

Wife Ukrainian restaurateur and TV presenter Nikolay Tishchenko, 24 years old. Man in this day literally threw favorite gifts. As she wrote Baranovskaya in social networks, the morning began for her with a huge tiled the word “LOVE”.

“Morning happy woman today marks 24. Husband, son and parents congratulated the first. Thank you all for SMS and calls! I promise to answer everything and everyone to call! PS. getting ready for my secret eden party…” said Baranovskaya.

In the evening Nikolay Tishchenko gave the couple a posh party in one of their restaurants. The evening was organized in the style of this garden of Eden, with exotic birds, lots of flowers and unusual cake. Leading was Lesya Nikityuk.

Baranovskaya for the evening white mini dress with long sleeves and a wide waistband, which complements the sandals with heels and big earrings, and hair done in beautiful curls. The party was attended by many famous people and friends of the couple.

Recall that Tishchenko showed his son in Thailand.

As reported Politeka, Tishchenko strange spoke after departure from “Dancing with the stars.”

Also Politeka wrote that Tishchenko was justified for his meltdown on “dancing with the stars”.