Tired Loboda struck look without makeup: “Hiding behind the glasses…”

Уставшая Лобода поразила видом без макияжа: "Прячет за очками..."

Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda, who now lives and works in Russia, likes to attract attention and to shock the audience that actively shows on their pages in social networks

The most Loboda also often puts a seductive and sometimes frankly weird pictures and therefore often runs into criticism from fans, according to Politeka.

Уставшая Лобода поразила видом без макияжа: "Прячет за очками..."

The artist known for his industriousness – star without fatigue able to work out the many concerts in a row, crossing borders and overcoming the miles between cities and countries. She collects full site impressive and spectacular shows and colourful costumes.

So, this time Svetlana has published a new provocative picture in his Instagram.

The actress posed in a loose black shirt, over which he threw a beige coat. Behind sunglasses Svetlana habitually hid his eyes. She had her hair untied, and the head cap of dark color. Note, because the photo was shown in the section of Stories in Instagram, fans are unable to comment on it.

Earlier Svetlana appeared before the camera in an unexpected way. Loboda decided to curl my hair and boast which now she has curly hair. In the picture she poses in the helicopter with headphones on his ears and dark glasses on the eyes, with her blue sweatshirt. In the caption to the photo of Svetlana wished everyone a good day and asked fans whether she should keep the curls. Fans had not to wait and began to Dole out advice Loboda about the hair.

Уставшая Лобода поразила видом без макияжа: "Прячет за очками..."

Earlier on the page in Instagram she shared a story that happened back in 2011. Then the artist first became a mother. She literally had to be torn between feeding the baby and exits the stage, but Svetlana managed to expertly combine motherhood and a career

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The text, the singer was accompanied by a spectacular Frank the 2011. On monochrome photo she poses in a vintage outfit with a significant neckline, open eyes gorgeous bust Loboda.

“2011. Immediately after the birth of my first daughter Eva, we are shooting a dance video. Every 3 hours I ran off to the dressing room, fed the baby and ran to the Playground. It wasn’t easy…. but it is feasible. Knees bruised, it’s nothing! Don’t worry, my good. Already worked a couple of shows in a white Trouser”, — she assured.

Fans admired the energy and capacity for work stars for being able to implement all our plans, despite the obstacles.

Recall, Loboda staged dances for adults under her own record

As reported Politeka, daughter Loboda brought the mother to tears by his act

Also Politeka wrote that Loboda no bra trimmed the excess in the leopard dress