Tips for Throwing a Great Party

People who like to have fun! Is there anything more enjoyable than a fantastic party? It’s tough to beat having all of your pals gathered and having a good time. Putting together an awesome party isn’t as difficult as you might think, even if it does require some organization and planning.

To make preparations much easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of valuable tips that you can use to throw the best type of parties that your guests will remember for years to come.

Make a Party Playlist With Hit Songs

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Assemble a playlist of songs that both you and your company will enjoy. For your party, make a playlist on a music app like Apple Music or Spotify. Consider your target audience when selecting music. 

You might also ask guests who are attending your celebration what they would want to hear. Add your tunes to your playlist, so all you need to do when the party begins is press play.

You may also utilize Apple Music or Spotify to find pre-made playlists and either use them or add music from the list to your playlist. Another alternative is to employ a DJ to take care of your party’s music.

Prepare Batches of Mixed Beverages or Cocktails Ahead of Time

Prepare them beforehand, so you don’t have to serve drinks at the party. Make a massive version of a cocktail you wish to serve at your party in a large punch bowl or pitcher. You may also brew a couple of different beverages to keep things interesting for your guests. Prepare them ahead of time for your party, so all you’ll do is set them out and let your guests serve themselves!

Three to four cocktails or three bottles of wine per person is a good rule of thumb for storing booze for a party.

Make sangria, tequila or rum punch, or margaritas for your next party. A huge bowl of punch is always a hit if you prefer a non-alcoholic option. If you’re using bowls, don’t forget to include a ladle!

Inform Your Guests What to Expect as They Arrive

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Inform them of any rules or unique events. Let your friends know about any exciting events you have planned, such as a dance-off or a karaoke contest, so they don’t miss out. Additionally, if you have any ground rules, like any rooms, you don’t want guests to enter or no underage drinking, make sure everyone is aware of them as soon as they arrive at your party.

You can also ensure that anyone who has consumed alcohol has a way to get home, such as Lyft or Uber or a designated driver.

Place Delicious Foods on the Table for Everyone to Eat

Any celebration may be made livelier with little appetizers and finger snacks. Pizza, bruschetta, and finger sandwiches, among other hearty yet simple appetizers, are sure to be a favorite. 

Choose small yet flavorful protein options like chicken wings, meatballs, or even sushi for a simple protein option. Spreads and dips and are other essential dishes that can be paired with chips or crunchy raw vegetables.

If you’re serving 10-12 people, choose roughly five appetizers. Serve nine appetizer options for 25 people and approximately 13 appetizer options for a group of 50 or more people to ensure everybody has plenty to eat.

Stock up on cheaper things like bread and potatoes so that everyone has enough if you’re afraid about running out of food because you’re expecting a large group.

Serve a meal that represents the mood of the party you’re planning. For example, if you’re having a casual get-together, you could create a menu that includes french fries, crunchy vegetables to snack on, sandwiches, and a variety of great dips.

Play Party Games to Get the Celebration Going

Choose games that are simple to explain and can be played at any time. If your party is losing steam, try a fun game like “Truth or Dare,” “Charades,” “Never Have I Ever,” or even “Musical Chairs.” Get everybody who wants to participate, and don’t worry about who wins and who loses—just have a good time!

You can also play the “Telephone” game, in which you form a circle and whisper a word into the ear of another person. You can then whisper the statement to another person and so on until it reaches the last person to see what it has become.

You may even play a classic round of spin the bottle if you’re feeling very bold.

Introduce People Who You Believe Will Get Along

Bring like-minded folks together to enjoy a good time. Give every person a little background on the other to help them start a conversation. You can leave them to converse and get to know one another when the ball starts rolling.

For example, you could say, “Hello Tan, this is Helen. Helen, this is Tan. Isn’t it true that both of you are super into Coldplay?”

Stick to open-ended, simple inquiries that encourage individuals to engage in conversation. You may ask something along the lines of, “What are your favorite dishes to prepare?” or “How do you like the wings?” Moreover, you can also read our post on the fun games you can play online with groups of people.