Tina was stunned with the recognition that experienced in childhood: “this is unacceptable”

Тина Кароль ошарашила признанием о том, что пережила в детстве: «это недопустимо»

Tina admitted that she was beaten as a child and talked about how raising their own child

Popular Ukrainian singer said that he tries to raise his son Benjamin independent and responsible. About it it is told in the “Life of famous people” (to see the video, doscroll down the page).

Carole wants his son became her real support, and, according to her, the boy already understands this. The singer admits that she is not only loving, but strict mother, but there are some things she will never allow itself in relation to the son.

“I, well, first, never hit, well, it’s the Pope even once, God forbid, a belt”, — said the singer.

Тина Кароль ошарашила признанием о том, что пережила в детстве: «это недопустимо»

This unambiguous attitude to such a method of “education” is simple: Karol itself beaten as a child.

“I received the fine, I think it’s not right, it’s some kind of weakness of intelligence. When you beat your child with a belt is a weakness of your intellect. You have to explain the difference between one or the other”, — said the singer.

She noted that the current generation of children is not, and will not be able to forgive your parents of physical abuse. This means that parents must learn to address difficult situations with children differently, says Karol.

“Of course we have some such clashes, a La this, this is not possible, what is impossible, if I want. Or just some small nuances, but it all can be solved. Importantly, children do not feel that you have to push. They should know that they are the person. Came to this world to reveal his identity”, — said the singer.

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Тина Кароль ошарашила признанием о том, что пережила в детстве: «это недопустимо»

The singer also shared his own ways to resolve conflicts with his son. According to her, the need to educate the child a sense of respect for parents, then any dispute will be final.

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