Tina seduced Frank dress: “Scorching beauty”

Тина Кароль соблазнила откровенным платьем: "Обжигающая красота"

Ukrainian singer Tina Karol has appeared in fancy dress

Tina continues to fill fans with super bright images held in Kiev April 18, the annual music awards ceremony “Golden Firebird”. Note that for the evening, He managed to change several outfits for the red carpet and onstage was prepared different dresses, one heavenly second.

Not difficult to guess that the very name of the ceremony dictates the color gamut of social events. From year to year, guests of the red carpet try to find something yellow or gold – more colorful, bright and shiny. Was no exception and Tina Karol.

Тина Кароль соблазнила откровенным платьем: "Обжигающая красота"

Тина Кароль соблазнила откровенным платьем: "Обжигающая красота"

The second dress of the singer is truly Golden. Extremely formfitting dress, just below knee, with a spectacular puff through the whole outfit, the dress is from Dolce & Gabbana.

Styling with big curls, red lips, red nail Polish complete the charming image Carol.

Netizens were quick to comment on this post. Fans of the singer literally cover it rave reviews:

Тина Кароль соблазнила откровенным платьем: "Обжигающая красота"

“Our Firebird is you”, “Very beautiful creation of God”, “Oh really”, “You fish”, “What a Goddess”, “Lion-tiger”, “Miss you still the same heat-ptica”, “you’re beautiful”, “Fire!”, “Burning beauty”, “Tina-style explosion of champagne”, “This dress is just wonderfully accentuates Your hair color, Tina! 😍 You look gorgeous! ✨”, “Queen🔥”, “I will break into your life like the Golden Firebird”, “in my life appeared Tina goldfish is stauroo glavnoy my mistake!!! ❤it’s amazing”.

Others were unhappy with the chosen outfit calling it tasteless:

“How disgusting”, “Not very.”

Тина Кароль соблазнила откровенным платьем: "Обжигающая красота"

Also earlier it was reported that the Ukrainian singer Tina Karol lately it never ceases to amaze fans with his photos and videos on the page in Instagram.

Singer often shares with fans not only staged shots and bright shots from photo shoots, but also quotations, reflections, and important observations.

However, this time page stars in the social network Instagram appeared piquant shot where the artist decided to show itself in a bold way.

As you know, nedavnyaya made the audience a musical gift, singing live on stage show “the voice”. As you know, during the latest broadcast viewers learned the names of the finalists. This evening, the participants sang with their star mentors.

Recall that Carol has puzzled fans of the candid frame.

As reported Politeka, Tina drove fans crazy seductive outfit.

Also Politeka wrote that Tina “took away” her husband, Katya Osadchaya